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Orlen KolTrans 15D-034 passes the Polish city of Brzeszcze on 21 January 2018. Picture by Lukasz Lacek.

Orlen KolTrans has added two type 15D locomotives to its fleet. Modernized by Newag from old type TEM2 (SM48) locomotives, the two machines (15D-034 and 035) were officially completed just before the end of 2017 (Mod. 29.12.2017).

The service numbers say it all. The two locos are the 34th and 35th of their type. Thirty locos have been delivered by Newag to PKP Cargo as ST48-001 - 030, two to ENEA as 15D-031 - 032 and one to Bartex as 15D/A-033. Additionally, Newag delivered the broad gauge version of the 15D, which received the type designation 16D, to PKP LHS (7 locos) and P.U.K. Kolprem (2 locos).

PSŽ 753 608-9 in Česká Třebová on 5 January 2018. Picture by Tomáš Vyplašil.

It was not until 20 December 2017 that CZ LOKO publicly announced that it had received an order from PSŽ for one EffiLiner 1600 'Bizon' locomotive. It was indicated by the Czech manufacturer that delivery would occur in early-2018. Already on 5 January 2018, the locomotive could be seen outside the CZ LOKO works in Česká Třebová.

741 734-8 and 741 733-0 for Dinazzano Po at Česká Třebová on 5 January 2018. Picture by Dalibor Palko.

When 741 733-0 was first seen in its orange Dinazzano Po livery in December 2017, we reported: "After deciding to extend the initial two-year hire contract of 741 701-7 and 707-4 by another two years and to purchase them from CZ LOKO afterwards, Dinazzano Po decided to expand its 741.7 fleet to four by ordering another two locomotives to be delivered in early-2018." Now, with special thanks to Dalibor Palko, we can present both 741 733-0 and 741 734-8 in portrait.

741 733-0 and 741 734-8 for Dinazzano Po at Česká Třebová on 5 January 2018. Picture by Dalibor Palko.

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CZ LOKO 753 604-8 is pictured at Kardoskut by Peter Pacsika on 23 December 2014.

On 21 December 2017, CZ LOKO announced the order for one EffiLiner 1600 locomotive by Hungary's CER Cargo Holding and being close to a deal for a second locomotive with the Hungarian operator. At the same time, it mentioned that one 'Bizon' for Slovakia's PSŽ was already in an advanced stage of production. This loco will be numbered 753 608.

CZ LOKO 753 604-8 in Komárom, Hungary, on 4 December 2014. Picture by Ferenc Németh.

It's been an open secret that CER Cargo Holding was in talks with CZ LOKO about an order for one EffiLiner 3000 dual-system electric and one EffiLiner 1600 'Bizon' diesel locomotive. CZ LOKO has now released the official details about the agreement.

The delivery of both locos is planned for the first quarter of 2018, but both will end up with different subsidiaries. The electric (ordered 10/2017) will be delivered to CER Slovakia, the Bizon (ordered 12/2017, designated 753 609) will be delivered to CER Hungary. Currently, CER Cargo Holding and CZ LOKO are also nearing an agreement for the delivery of a second Bizon, which would enter service for CER Slovakia upon delivery. Besides Slovakia and Hungary, the locomotives will see use in the Czech Republic.

CER Cargo Holding is the fourth operator to order EffiLiner 1600 diesel locomotives. An overview of previous orders:

SD - Kolejová doprava: 5 locomotives (753 601-605)
Unipetrol Doprava: 2 locomotives (753 606-607)
PSZ: 1 locomotive (753 608)

CER Cargo Holding also owns one CZ LOKO EffiShunter 1600 locomotive.

CER Cargo 774 714-0 near Dunakeszi, Hungary, on 20 July 2017. Picture by Laszlo Nagy.

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Sister locomotive WSDOT 1400 at the Siemens works in Sacramento on 6 March 2017. Picture by WSDOT.

WSDOT Charger locomotive 1402 was severely damaged after derailing near DuPont, a town close to Tacoma in the State of Washington. Overspeeding is stated to be the reason for the derailment, with the train travelling at 80 mph on a 30-mph section. The brand new loco was heading an Amtrak Cascades service consisting of Talgo-built passenger coaches, which, together with the loco, partly ended up on the highway the train was crossing. With Positive Train Control not yet introduced on the route, it could not prevent the train from overspeeding. Sadly, multiple fatalities have been reported by the local authorities.

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MARC 82 at the Siemens in Sacramento. Picture by Siemens USA.

Planned to enter service in 2018, the first three Charger SC-44 locomotives have been delivered to Maryland Transit Administration (MTA). The locos travelled more than 2,700 miles across the United States from Sacramento to Baltimore. MTA has eight of the type on order.

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On 13 March 2015, Dinazanno Po 741 701-7 and 741 707-4 await further transport into Italy at the Italian border station of Brennero as part of their delivery. Picture by Thomas Wohlfarth.

After deciding to extend the initial two-year hire contract of 741 701-7 and 707-4 by another two years and to purchase them from CZ LOKO afterwards, Dinazzano Po decided to expand its 741.7 fleet to four by ordering another two locomotives to be delivered in early-2018. Now, the first locomotive of the second batch is out: 741 733-0. Pictures of the locomotive can be found here: link. An overview of all 741.7 locomotives currently in Italy:

Dinazzano Po: 741 701-7 and 707-4 (2 more on order: 733-0 & ?)
SerFer: 741 710-8
Terminali Italia: 741 737-1 and 738-9
Francesco Ventura Costruzioni Ferroviarie: 741 741-3 and 741 742-1

Next to the two Class 741.7 locomotives ordered by Dinazzano Po, CZ LOKO will also deliver a fleet of five Class 744.1 EffiShunter 1000 locomotives to SerFer in 2018.

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DB Cargo UK (at the time still DB Schenker Rail UK) 66008 passes Oxford with an intermodal train on 3 December 2012. The loco is one of 10 locomotives that has now been sold to GB Railfreight. Picture by Peter Lovell.

On 15 December 2017, GB Railfreight announced that it had completed the purchase of ten Class 66 locomotives from DB Cargo UK. In August 2017, DB Cargo UK offered the locomotives for sale. It concerned: 66008, 66016, 66046, 66058, 66081, 66132, 66141, 66184, 66238 and 66250.

The locomotives have now been taken over by GB Railfreight, after a period of maintenance, technical checks, repairs and being tested on regular DB Cargo workings. Transfer of the ten locomotives to GBRf sites at Doncaster and Peterborough is planned to take place on 16, 17 and 18 December. The ten will also be renumbered soon, which will see them become 66780-66789 in sequence.

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