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The final locomotive of the third batch (68032) and the two locos of the fourth batch (68033-034) ordered by Direct Rail Services through Beacon Rail Leasing have been released from the Stadler Rail Valencia works in Albuixech. In the meantime, the locos have made it onto the Eemslift Ellen after being moved to the port of Sagunto.

At the time of writing, the Eemslift Ellen was sailing the Irish Sea, being only hours away from its destination: the Port of Workington. The ship's journey can be tracked here: link.

Slowly but steadily, DB Cargo UK is repainting its fleet of Class 66 locomotives into company colors. Both DB Cargo UK's 66018 and 66230 have lost their EWS livery, which is currently being replaced by a DB red one.

GB Railfreight 66778 at Peterborough on 16 July 2017. Picture by Howard Lewsey.

During a charity tour run by GB Railfreight on 15 July 2017, 66778 was named 'Darius Cheskin' at Cleethorpes station. GB Railfreight about the story behind 66778's new name:

A few months ago we auctioned off the opportunity to choose a name for one of our locomotives, with the proceeds being donated to our nominated charities. The auction winner was Mike Cheskin, a life long rail enthusiast from Charfield, Gloucestershire. Mike sadly lost one of his sons Darius in 2004 to a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma. Mikes other son has since named his 7 year old grandson after him and Darius Junior is also an avid rail fan.

So when our staff charter train arrived in Cleethorpes on Saturday with Mike and his grandson on board, Darius was asked to uncover the nameplates on 66778, and was somewhat surprised at what he found underneath! Mike and Darius Cheskin are pictured here shortly after the unveiling and we're very grateful to Mike for a very generous donation to our charity fund:

Nearing completion, Fenniarail 104 is seen at the CZ LOKO works in Jihlava. Picture by CZ LOKO.

On 19 July 2017, CZ LOKO announced that it had released Fenniarail's fourth EffiShunter 1600 locomotive from its works and that it had started its journey to Finland.

Captrain 6603 hauls Benelux 'Hondekop' 220.902 trough Nispen on 14 July 2017. Picture by Henk Zwoferink.

On July 14th, Captrain Class 66 loco 6603 was used to transport EMU 220.902, the last remaining 'Benelux' Hondekop, to the Netherlands. Having retrieved the unit in Leuven, Belgium, it was transported to Roosendaal in the Netherlands, where it will be restored by the Stichting Hondekop. 220.902 is planned to be restored to running order, allowing it to be run on both Belgian and Dutch rails once again.

Captrain 6603 and Benelux 'Hondekop' 220.902 in Roosendaal on 14 July 2017. Picture by Henk Zwoferink.

Captrain 6603 in Roosendaal on 14 July 2017. Picture by Henk Zwoferink.

Rail Feeding 561-05 at Rotterdam Waalhaven-Zuid on 15 July 2017. Picture by Henk Zwoferink.

Netherlands based rail freight operator Rotterdam Rail Feeding has applied the full orange and black Rail Feeding livery to three Class 66 locomotives. Leased from Beacon Rail Leasing, loco 561-05 is the latest loco to sport this color scheme. Earlier, it was applied to 561-03 and 561-04.

Rail Feeding 561-05 at Rotterdam Waalhaven-Zuid on 15 July 2017, as part of a (ex-NS) Class 1600 line-up to celebrate the presentation of a new book about these electrics. Picture by Henk Zwoferink.

Rail Feeding 561-05 head to head with a Rail Feeding Class 1600 electric at Rotterdam Waalhaven-Zuid on 15 July 2017. Picture by Henk Zwoferink.

Rail Feeding 561-05 passing Helmond with a LPG train from Vlissingen to Cologne on July 17. Picture by Jeroen de Vries.

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GB Railfreight has named another of its Class 66 locomotives. On July 11, a naming ceremony took place at Her Majesty's Naval Base (HMNB) Devonport where the loco's new name HMS Argyll and 'new number' F231 were unveiled by the ship's commander Toby Shaughnessy and GBRf Managing Director John Smith.

F231 HMS Argyll, a British Type 23 frigate, took part in a 4-day exercise in the English Channel a few months back and, according to GB Railfreight, a few GBRf employees were given the special privilege of joining the ship during these 4 days. "After their excellent hospitality, a close friendship was formed, and as a result of that, it was decided we would name a locomotive after their ship."

Freshly stickered in full LINEAS livery: Akiem 75110 at Hazebrouck on 10 July 2017. Picture by Nicolas Beyaert.

Earlier, we reported about LINEAS France having restyled its 75036 into full company colours. Now, also loco 75110 has been given the new livery.

Freshly stickered in full LINEAS livery: Akiem 75110 at Morbecque on 10 July 2017. Picture by Nicolas Beyaert.

Vectron DE locomotive 247 905 in service for e.g.o.o. at Georgsheil on 4 July 2017. Picture by Lucas Hirsch.

Germany's e.g.o.o. Eisenbahngesellschaft Ostfriesland-Oldenburg mbH is currently operating Siemens Vectron DE loco 247 905. Until recently, the locomotive was on trial with Mindener Kreisbahnen (MKB).

247 905 at Minden on 2 July 2017, which was its last day with MKB. Picture by René Klink.