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25.07.2017 - [FR] CFR operates ECR Class 66 [Updated]

Home 25.07.2017 - [FR] CFR operates ECR Class 66 [Updated]

ECR 66209 at Les Aubrais-Orléans on 29 April 2016. Picture by Thierry Mazoyer.

It has been indicated that France's Compagnie ferroviaire régionale (CFR) will be making use of ECR Class 66 locomotive 66209. The use of Class 66 locomotives is part of a larger rental scheme, which sees several ECR Class 66 locomotives hired by RégioRail, which manages not only CFR, but also Ouest Rail, RégioRail Provence, RégioRail Lorraine, RégioRail Rhône-Alpes, RégioRail Sud de France.

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