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2018-02-27 - [GB] British Rail livery for GB Railfreight 66789

Home 2018-02-27 - [GB] British Rail livery for GB Railfreight 66789

GBRf 66789 passes Tonbridge on 7 March 2018. Picture by Howard Lewsey.

No Class 66 locomotives has ever been owned by British Rail, nor did any wear the well-known BR blue and yellow livery. But to celebrate the 70th anniversary of British Railways, GB Railfreight has restyled loco 66789 (ex-DB Cargo 66250) into British Rail blue and yellow and named it 'British Rail 1948-1997'. The loco is currently undergoing a number of modifications to bring to GBRf 66/7 standards.

GBRf 66789 at Eastleigh on 5 March 2018. Picture by Nigel Caldicott.

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