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2016-12-16 - [DE] DB Regio takes over on the Marschbahn

Home 2016-12-16 - [DE] DB Regio takes over on the Marschbahn

With a week to go before the start of the 2017 timetable, 245 206-8 passes through a foggy Keitum with a rake of replacement coaches hired from DB Regio on December 3, 2016. Picture by Nahne Johannsen.

On December 11, the 2017 timetable came into force in Germany. With every new timetable, numerous changes occur, such as a change of operator for the Netz West concession in Schleswig-Holstein this year. Part of this concession are the regional trains between Hamburg-Altona and Westerland (Sylt), which have been operated by Nord-Ostsee-Bahn (NOB) since late 2005.

With effect from December 11, DB Regio is the new concession holder. As rolling stock ownership has been separated from the operating contract, DB Regio now also operates the 15 TRAXX DE Multi Engine locomotives (245 201-215). Addtionally, DB Regio hires three EuroRunner locomotives leased from Beacon Rail Leasing. It concerns ER 20-011 and 012, which were also operated by NOB at the time of the timetable change, and the blue ER 20-001, which replaces the 014.

Hired by DB Regio, Beacon Rail ER 20-001 arrives at Westerland (Sylt) with a rake of National Express replacement coaches on December 11, 2016. Picture by Nahne Johannsen.

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