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2017-09-25 - [World] GE Transportation sells 10,000th Evolution locomotive

Home News Archive 2017-09-25 - [World] GE Transportation sells 10,000th Evolution locomotive

Tier 4 demonstrator locomotive 2029. Picture by GE Transportation.

Stated by the manufacturer to be its most successful locomotive model to date, GE Transportation has now reached a milestone: it has sold its 10,000th Evolution series locomotive.

"From Iowa to India, and Angola to the Australian Outback, our Evolution Series locomotives combine incredible power, performance and efficiency to operate in the most difficult conditions,” said Jamie Miller, President and CEO of GE Transportation. “The 10,000th order milestone is a testament to how well these locomotives perform in the field and meet the needs of the industry.”

The latest Evolution locomotives are powered by Evolution Series Tier 4 engines, minimizing emissions by recirculating exhaust gases back into the engine through a next-generation cooling system. Additionally, the Evolution Series features advanced digital capabilities that provide operators with real-time insights to improve performance. Each Tier 4 locomotive is loaded with over 200 sensors that process over one billion instructions per second.

The data is analyzed in real-time at GE Transportation’s Global Performance Optimization Centers (GPOC), which use advanced diagnostics and algorithms to provide customers with tailored maintenance prescriptions. The system automatically analyzes data on over 15 terabytes of operational history, and the outputs are constantly reviewed and improved upon by a team of technical specialists and domain experts.

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