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2017-02-27 - [CZ] On test after repairs: SD-KD 753 602-2

Home News Archive 2017-02-27 - [CZ] On test after repairs: SD-KD 753 602-2

SD-KD 753 602-2 passes Opatov during its first test run after the completion of repairs on February 27, 2017. Picture by Jirka Štembírek.

SD - Kolejová doprava will soon have locomotive 753 602-2 available for service again. In August 2016, the loco suffered fire damage and it has been out of service ever since. Today, on February 27, 2017, 753 602 made a test run from Česká Třebová to Svitavy after CZ LOKO completed repairs on the loco.

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