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[ES/GB/FR] News from Valencia! [Updated]

Home Stadler Rail Valencia UKLIGHT Beacon Rail Class 68 [ES/GB/FR] News from Valencia! [Updated]

Today we received some information from Valencia, where the future E4027 was sighted inside the Vossloh works again.

Something more special is the sighting of three new Class 68s for Beacon Rail / DRS. One unidentified machine was still white, while another had already received a base blue livery without logos or numbers. Last but certainly not least, locomotive number three has been spotted in a Northertn Belle brown and cream livery!

Update: 68008 was mentioned to be in Northern Belle livery, but this appears to be a misjudgement. 68008 is still to receive a paint job, the correct loco number is unknown.

(MR/Beacon Rail)

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