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[GB] Chiltern Railways starts Class 68 training / trials

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With the first services operated by Class 68 locomotives starting in December of this year, Chiltern Railways is now starting to prepare its drivers for the brand new locomotive type and to perform (nuisance) tests. For this purpose, DRS68002 is currently on loan to Chiltern Railways. On August 5, the locomotive made its first run for Chiltern between Wembley Depot and Stourbridge Depot, mainly for noise abatement purposes.

Chiltern Railways will hire six locomotives from Direct Rail Services for its loco-hauled services to and from London Marylebone: 68010 - 68015. These six units will all get the silver livery as shown on the image above and will get the AAR multiple working system installed for push-pull services with driving trailers. Units 68008 and 68009 will also be equipped with AAR and will subsequently act as replacement locomotives when required. DRS 68002 will eventually return to DRS.


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