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[DE] New batch of Multi Engine diesels for DB under construction

Home Bombardier TRAXX DE (ME) TRAXX DE Multi Engine DB 245 [DE] New batch of Multi Engine diesels for DB under construction

The brand new DB Regio 245 036 in Kassel on 20 April 2017. Picture by Christian Klotz.

Bombardier is currently building a new batch of Multi Engine diesel locomotives for Deutsche Bahn. On 30 March 2017, the designated 245 035 made a first test run, followed by the 245 036 on 20 April. Both locomotives will be dispatched to Ulm, as they carry the allocation markings "DB ZugBus Regionalverkehr Alb-Bodensee GmbH (RAB) Werk Ulm". We expect Ulm will get three new machines.

Currently, Deutsche Bahn has nine TRAXX DE ME locomotives on order, which will raise the fleet to 36:

- 3x for DB Regio to expand the fleet in South Germany
- 5x for DB Fernverkehr as ICE rescue locomotives
- 1x for DB Fernverkehr for the IC service Erfurt - Gera

The future DB Regio 245 035 in Kassel on 30 March 2017. Picture by Christian Klotz.

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