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[DE] DB Fernverkehr 245 fuel tank rebuilding well underway

Home Bombardier TRAXX DE (ME) TRAXX DE Multi Engine DB 245 [DE] DB Fernverkehr 245 fuel tank rebuilding well underway

DB 245 026-0 outside Bombardier's Kassel plant on 10 February 2017. Picture by Christian Klotz.

Between September 2015 and June 2016, Bombardier delivered seven Class 245 TRAXX Multi Engine locomotives to DB Fernverkehr for use on its Sylt Shuttle services to and from Westerland (Sylt). All seven locos were equipped with a standard 2,720 liter fuel tank, similar to other locos of the class as delivered to DB Regio. Meanwhile, it has been decided to upgrade the seven locos with larger tanks, increasing the fuel capacity to 4,230 liter. One by one, the locos are being modified by Bombardier in Kassel.

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