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[IT] CZ LOKO 741.7 receives Italian approval, two more ordered

Home CZ LOKO 741.7 [IT] CZ LOKO 741.7 receives Italian approval, two more ordered

Ventura Costruzioni 741 742-1 and 741 741-3 at Česká Třebová on 27 May 2017. Picture by Dalibor Palko.

At the Expo Ferroviaria 2017 trade fair in Milan, CZ LOKO could announce that its Class 741.7 locomotive had received full approval by ANSF (Agenzia Nazionale per la Sicurezza delle Ferrovie). The approval concerns the certification of the type according to the ANSF 1/2015 decree for the approval of shunting locomotives.

Several Italian operators have decided to add the type to its fleet in recent years, steadily raising the number of Class 741.7 locomotives in Italy to seven. Recently, Dinazzano Po decided to expand its 741.7 fleet to four by ordering another two locomotives, to be delivered in early-2018. Earlier, it had already decided to extend the initial two-year hire contract of the first two machines by another two years, after which it will purchase the locomotives from CZ LOKO. An overview of all 741.7 locomotives currently in Italy:

Dinazzano Po: 741 701-7 and 707-4 (2 more on order)
SerFer: 741 710-8
Terminali Italia: 741 737-1 and 738-9
Francesco Ventura Costruzioni Ferroviarie: 741 741-3 and 741 742-1

Dinazanno Po 741 701-7 and 741 707-4 await further transport into Italy at the Italian border station of Brennero as part of their delivery on 13 March 2015. Picture by Thomas Wohlfarth.

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