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Shortly before the end of 2022, RailAdventure acquired loco 2016 902 from Steiermarkbahn. Configured for Austria, Germany, Hungary and Slovenia, the loco did not start its career in the StB livery. On February 14th, it made a trip through Bavaria with the Luxon panoramic car in full RailAdventure colour scheme. Pictures: Henk Zwoferink.

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Slovak railfreight operator PSZ has ordered two EffiShunter 1000 locomotives from CZ LOKO. The locomotives are to be delivered early 2025. The locomotives will be configured for use in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, which Romania being a first for the type.

RCC 223 153 at Lübeck on June 2, 2020. Picture by Michael Uhren.

Lübeck-based Spedition Bode has seen its logo applied on Rail Cargo Carrier - Germany's 223 153, sporting a partnership between the two companies. Additionally, the loco carries the Rail Cargo Carrier and Lehmann logos. The PCT logos have gone, as Rail Cargo Carrier - PCT has been merged into Rail Cargo Carrier - Germany.

Freightliner's 59206 has received a repaint into the Genesee & Wyoming company colour scheme. A picture can be found here: link.

266 015-7 passes Leipzig-Wiederitzsch on April 7th, 2020. Picture by Alex Huber.

The well-known red and blue HHPI livery of HHPI 29003 has been replaced for a more simple and nostalgic grey livery. The former Macquarie and now Akiem-owned Class 66 loco sports big white HHPI logos, hinting at a continued lease by HHPI. Formerly, the loco looked like this:

HHPI 29003 heads an aggregates train at Nienburg (Weser) on August 3rd, 2015. Picture by Thomas Wohlfarth.

66747 at the DP World London Gateway site on 9 July, 2019. Picture by Richard Gennis.

Owned by Beacon Rail and leased to GB Railfreight, Class 66 loco 66747 was named "Made In Sheffield" on July 9, 2019 at DP World's London Gateway site. The loco, which has received a new livery, marks the partnership between GBRf and Newell & Wright Transport, a logistics company based in Masborough, Rotherham - on the outskirts of Sheffield.

66747 at the DP World London Gateway site on 9 July, 2019. Picture by Richard Gennis.

RTS 247 903 near Pfarrwerfen on 28 June 2019. Picture by Niels Arnold.

RTS has acquired at least two out of four Vectron DE locomotives from Siemens locomotives. The two diesels, 247 902 and 903, have previously been in use with DB Cargo Deutschland. Meanwhile, both locos have lost their red liveries. 247 902 has already been seen in RTS orange, whilst 247 903 could be seen in white with RTS Swietelsky logos.