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RDC Autozug Sylt has shared some first images of its second Vectron DE locomotive, which is currently under construction at the Siemens works in Munich. Numbered 247 909, the loco is being completed in the blue Autozug Sylt livery.

On January 23rd, Stadler's EURO DUAL locomotive arrived at the Schaarbeek depot in Belgium. On 14 March 2018, it was seen in Namur. That day, and the following two days, test runs were made between Erquelinnes (BE) – Jeumont (FR) and Virton (BE) – Mont-Saint-Martin (FR) on the Athus-Meuse Line. All tests were in diesel mode only. A picture of the locomotive on test can be found on Railcolornews.com.

DB Cargo UK 66135 has been restyled into the red DB livery. A picture of it in its new guise can be found here: link.

CER 753 609-7 at Skalice nad Svitavou on 10 March 2018.

CZ LOKO has out-shopped an EffiLiner 1600 'Bizon' diesel locomotive for Hungary's CER Cargo Holding. The loco, numbered 753 609-7, will be used by subsidiary CER Hungary. In December 2017, we learned that CER Cargo Holding was in negotiation with CZ LOKO for a second 'Bizon', to be used by subsidiary CER Slovakia.

EffiShunter 500 locomotives 723 706-8 and 723 707-6 side by side. Picture by Dalibor Palko.

Škoda Auto has rejuvenized its shunter fleet with CZ LOKO's EffiShunter 500 being the locomotive of choice. On March 13, CZ LOKO handed over the two EffiShunters to its customer. Both 723 706-8 and 723 707-6 were constructed in Jihlava and have been delivered with semi-automatic couplers.

EffiShunter 500 locomotive 723 707-6 on 13 March 2018. Picture by Dalibor Palko.

Hired from Europhoenix, Rail Operations Group oldie 37608 passes Lichfield Trent Valley Station with TPE-liveried 68019 and 68021 in tow on 9 March 2018. Picture by Jack Meakin-Sawyer.

On March 6, Class 68 locos 68019 and 68021 were brought to the Dollands Moor Yard on the British side of the Channel Tunnel by the Rail Operations Group. Although further transfer through the tunnel did not go through (with the locos returning to the DRS depot at Crewe on the 9th), it shows that tests together with CAF Mark 5a stock at the Velim test ring are planned for the near future.

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GBRf 66789 passes Tonbridge on 7 March 2018. Picture by Howard Lewsey.

No Class 66 locomotives has ever been owned by British Rail, nor did any wear the well-known BR blue and yellow livery. But to celebrate the 70th anniversary of British Railways, GB Railfreight has restyled loco 66789 (ex-DB Cargo 66250) into British Rail blue and yellow and named it 'British Rail 1948-1997'. The loco is currently undergoing a number of modifications to bring to GBRf 66/7 standards.

GBRf 66789 at Eastleigh on 5 March 2018. Picture by Nigel Caldicott.

Beacon Rail 513-02, which has been on lease to Freightliner PL for use in Germany since May 2017, has experienced a change of livery. The loco has exchanged its Beacon Rail blue guise for the Freightliner 'PowerHaul' livery.

It has taken a while, but February 2018 is the month that Dinazzano Po's EUROLIGHT locomotive 284 002 officially enters service. On February 17th, the loco made its debut on an intermodal service from Reggio Emilia to Minucciano. The loco was built in 2010 and served as a demonstrator/test-bed loco until 2015, when it was sold to Dinazzano Po.

DB Cargo UK 66115 has been repainted into the red DB Cargo livery at DB's workshop in Toton.

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Siemens has completed the fourth and fifth Chargers locomotives for the Maryland Transit Administration. MARC 83 and 84 were seen as part of a transport with two SEPTA CitiesSprinters on February 20th, 2018. A total of eight Chargers have been ordered for MARC services by the Maryland Transit Administration.

Video by Youtube user BaltimoreAndOhioRR of the transport consisting MARC Chargers 83 and 84.

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Three of the ten Class 66 locomotives acquired by GB Railfreight from DB Cargo UK have been repainted and renumbered now. After 66781 (ex-66016) and 66782 (ex-66046), there is now a 66788, which is the former DB 66238.