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Beacon Rail PB 07 / Captrain 6601 behind a Class 37 locomotive operated by the Rail Operations Group in Cross Gates on 20 August 2018. Picture by Richard Mannion.

After being transported by Rotterdam Rail Feeding to the P&O terminal in the Europoort port area in Rotterdam, Captrain 6601 (Beacon Rail PB 07) was put on a low loader. Subsequently, the locomotive was shipped to the UK, where the Rail Operations Group took over to transport it to Longport, Stoke on Trent. Here, the loco will be attended by EMD. The loco has temporarily been numbered 66999, to ease transport throughout the UK.

Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal 744 101-7 in Udine.

Ordered when the operator was still called SerFer, five EffiShunter 1000 locomotives were delivered by CZ LOKO to Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal this August. It is the first order for CZ LOKO that comprises of new and TSI-compliant locomotives. Up until now, the Italian market has been a market for locomotive modernizations for CZ LOKO.

The locos were delivered at the Udine Depot, where Mercitalia staff was instructed. They will mainly be used for shunting services near Milano, Ravenna and Livorno. By the end of 2018, the locos are expected to enter mainline service too. Of the five locomotives, loco 744 105-8 will be presented at the InnoTrans trade fair in Berlin.

RCLG 220 032 in Thessaloniki on 26 June 2018. Picture by Chris Mavropoylos.

As from September 2018, Rail Cargo Logistics - Goldair A.E. will run its own scheduled freight services as the first open-access rail freight operator in Greece. The company is a joint venture between the Rail Cargo Group, which is owned by Austria's ÖBB, and the Goldair Group.

Initially, operations will be limited to trains between the Sindos industrial center near Thessaloniki and the Thessaloniki rail yard, servicing various industrial companies. Later on, mainline services are to commence towards the border with Macedonia. The company eyes an initial fleet of four locomotives, consisting of two Adtranz DE2000 diesels and two Siemens HellaSprinter electrics. These locos will be leased from the Greek state through GAIAOSE S.A., which performs property and vehicle management for the Greek state.

220 032 in Tithorea on 1 July 2016, when its was still operated by TRAINOSE. Picture by Stathis Chaidemeno.

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MEG MEG 077 023-5 in its new red guise in Cottbus on 26 June 2018. Picture by Rudi Lautenbach.

Just like 077 012-8, 077 023-5 is now carrying a red MEG livery.

HSL Belgium's 653-03 with new stickers in Montzen on 13 June 2018. Picture by Bart Vangampelaere.

Class 66 locomotive 653-03 has been decorated with stickers to make it easier to identify the loco's operator, namely HSL Belgium. Instead of the traditional HSL livery, the company has chosen something different this time.

Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal 744 105-8 in Břeclav on 28 May 2018. Picture by Dalibor Palko.

CZ Loko has delivered another EffiShunter 1000 to Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal in the form of 744 105-8. The loco is one of five(+five options) of the type on order.

The EURO DUAL prototype loco at the Dijon-Perrigny Dépôt on 23 November 2017. Picture by André Grouillet.

According to Actu Transport Logistique, VFLI has signed a large locomotive order with Stadler Rail. The deal involves the acquisition of thirteen locomotives, comprising of one EURO DUAL locomotive and twelve EURO 4001 locomotives.

The exact composition of the ordered fleet is as follows:
- 1x EURO DUAL - Stadler Prototype
- 3x EURO 4001 - Direct purchase
- 9x EURO 4001 - To be leased from Alpha Trains

The contract was signed on May 31st and is the largest of its kind for VFLI with a total value of over 40 million euros.

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One of the Class 66 locomotives hired by Hector Rail from Beacon Rail Leasing has been seen in a livery analogue to the non-roundel GB Railfreight livery but with Hector Rail colours and logos. It concerns T66 713, which can be seen in its new livery here: link.

247 909 'Conny' in Niebüll on 19 May 2018. Picture by Jens Vollertsen.

Last year, it was announced that RDC Autozug Sylt had ordered two Vectron DE locomotives for its car shuttle trains to and from the island of Sylt, which it runs in competition with DB Fernverkehr. The first locomotive to be delivered was 247 908. It was handed over to the operator on November 11th and has been named Debbie.

Delivery of the second loco was announced to take place in June 2018. However, on May 18th, the loco was already delivered by Siemens to the Germany based operator. Named Conny, loco 247 909 was used for for the company's shuttle services straightaway.

247 909 'Conny' in service with a car shuttle near Westerland (Sylt) on 20 May 2018. Picture by Sven Ullrich.

DB Cargo UK has repainted another of its Class 66 locomotives into its red company colour scheme. This time, loco 66027 was the lucky loco.

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