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'AS ONE, WE CAN': the new name of Freightliner 66587. However, the loco has not only been re-named. 66587 has been re-liveried into a pink and white livery, matching the Ocean Network Express (ONE) colour scheme.

After receiving its main overhaul at EMD Longport, Beacon Rail's PB 15 is heading back to the mainland. Its obsolete Ascendos livery has been replaced by the well-known Beacon-blue one.

A total of 8 Class 66 locomotives, owned by Beacon Rail Leasing, has been roaming Scandinavian rails during the past years. Some of them will now be transferred to the United Kingdom, where GB Railfreight will take them on. The first of three locos to arrive in the UK through the Port of Immingham is T66 403, formerly operated by Hector Rail. GB Railfreight will operate the loco as 66790. Currently, the loco is at the EMD facility at Longport, Stoke-on-Trent for rebuilding. Locos T66 404 and 405 will arrive later and will be operated as 66791 and 66792 respectively.

RheinCargo DE 668 has been restyled into the silver RheinCargo livery: link.

Meanwhile in the UK, the number of Freightliner Class 66 locomotives in the orange and black Genesee & Wyoming livery has increased. An overview:

- 66413: The first to be repainted, but in a slightly lighter shade of orange than its sister locos
- 66623: The second loco to be repainted, but now in a darker shade of orange
- 66419: The third loco to receive the G&W livery, released from Eastleigh works in April 2019
- 66415: Brought in for a repaint, possibly the fourth loco to receive the livery...?

Colas Rail 66847 has been named Terry Baker at Eastleigh Works on 22 April 2019. Terry was one of Colas Rail's drivers who passed away in 2018 and is now remembered by 66847 carrying his name.

DB Cargo UK's 66109 has been reliveried in a dark blue PD Ports livery. The loco was repainted in Toton and has been named Teesport Express.

CZ LOKO has handed over a first EffiLiner 1600 'Bizon' locomotive to Rail Cargo Carrier - Czech Republic (RCC-CZ). The loco, numbered 753 613-9, will be joined by 753 614-1 in May 2019.

The locos will be operated by RCC-CZ and RCC-SK. In the Czech Republic, the main traffic flow the EffiLiner 1600 will operate on is the transport of freight trains to and from the Czech-Polish border area and to and from Breclav. In Slovakia, the Class 753.6 loco is to be used on container trains between Bratislava and Zilina.

CZ Loko is finalizing production of a Class 753.6 'Bizon' diesel locomotive for Rail Cargo Carrier - Czech Republic s.r.o. The loco, numbered 753 613-9, is part of the EffiLiner 1600 product range. It will be used in the north of the Czech Republicin, mostly in and around Bohumín for line operations and shunting services.

PB15, temporary UK number 66997 (92 80 1266 066-0 D-BRLL) at Guide Bridge on 1 April 2019, on route from Hull Docks to Longport. Picture by Mark Barber.

Another Class 66 locomotive has been transported from the European mainland to the UK. The designated PB 15, owned by Beacon Rail Leasing and operated by Crossrail Benelux, will visit EMD's workshop at Longport, Stoke-on-Trent, where it will receive its main overhaul.

Transported by Rotterdam Rail Feeding from the EMD workshop at Rotterdam Noord to the P&O terminal at Rotterdam Europoort, the loco set sail for the UK where it arrived on March 31st. It was subsequently transported by rail to its final destination. Loco 66997 (its temporary number in the UK), follows in the footsteps of PB 13 (66998) and PB 07 (66999).

Production of the first new PowerHaul locomotive for Korfez Ulastirma is nearing completion at the Tulomsas works. The designated KU-DE 0001 is the first of five of the type, ordered from GE Transporation and Tulomsas in 2018.

Korfez Ulastirma is the first private railway operator of Turkey ordering locomotives since the Turkish government has started releasing the use of mainlines for private operators.

Korfez Ulastirma is a subsidiary of Turkey's largest refinery: Tüpraş. The operator already hires five PowerHaul locomotives from TCDD, so this order will see the Korfez Ulastirma locomotive fleet double. The company also has a fleet of 549 wagons available for its operations.