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As part of the research programme "Digital Command, Control and Signalling (CCS)", DB Netz develops the Automatic Train Protection system of the future to be able to operate up to 20% more trains using existing railway infrastructure. One pillar of Digital CSS is ETCS Level 3, which is based on the concept of virtual blocks rather than fixed blocks with signals.

On September 6th, 2018, a demonstration of ETCS Level 3 technology was performed in the new Living Lab of DB Netz (in the area of Annaberg-Buchholz) in cooperation with Thales and Bombardier. For the dynamic demonstration, a VT420 rail car modified as a digital lab was used together with Pressnitztalbahn locomotive 285 104-2.

Caltrans Charger 2111 in Pacific Surfliner livery at Los Angeles Union Station on 1 October 2018.

The Los Angeles – San Diego – San Luis Obispo Rail Corridor Agency (LOSSAN) and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) introduced a brand new Charger locomotives at Los Angeles Union Station to the public. The loco is the first Caltrans Charger to carry the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner livery. The loco is one of 14 Chargers that will operate 24 Pacific Surfliner trains per day along the South Californian coast.

The locomotives were procured to replace their older and more polluting predecessors and to provide an alternative that is up to 90% cleaner. Also, the locomotives will enable an expansion of the current Pacific Surfliner service to meet growing ridership.

Caltrans Charger 2111 in Pacific Surfliner livery at Los Angeles Union Station on 1 October 2018.

TCDD DE 36008 during a test run in Ankara on 16 October 2014. Picture by André Grouillet.

GE Transportation and Tulomsas have closed a deal for the delivery of five PowerHaul diesel locomotives to Korfez Ulastirma A.Ş.. Korfez Ulastirma is the first private railway operator of Turkey taking such a step since the Turkish government has started releasing the use of mainlines for private operators.

Korfez Ulastirma is a subsidiary of Turkey's largest refinery: Tüpraş. The operator already hires five PowerHaul locomotives from TCDD, so this order will see the Korfez Ulastirma locomotive fleet double. The company also has a fleet of 549 wagons available for its operations.

753 611-3 at the CZ LOKO works in Česká Třebová on 27 September 2018. Video by CZ LOKO.

CZ LOKO has finished another EffiLiner 1600 locomotive for Unipetrol Doprava. To be precise: 753 611-3 is the third of its type for the Czech railfreight operator, which already operates locos 753 606-3 and 753 607-1. It also is the eleventh of its type produced by CZ LOKO.

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Some short news from the UK, where another Class 68 locomotive has been re-styled into Tranpennine Express colours: 68030.

The first series-built EURO DUAL locomotives (for HVLE) on their way through Germany near Wunstorf on 24 August 2018. Picture by René Klink.

A new locomotive pool has been launched: ELP - European Loc Pool. Keywords: State-of-the-art, hybrid/bi-mode, full service, sustainable, innovative, competitive. At the InnoTrans 2018 trade fair, ELP CEO Willem Goosen presented the plans for European Loc Pool. Being a joint-venture between two private equity investment companies from Switzerland (Reichmuth Bank, Luzern and PCS Holding, Frauenfeld), ELP is to commence its business in 2019. To do so, the company has ordered 10 EURO DUAL locomotives from Stadler Rail. A story to be continued!

Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal 744 005 at InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin on 19 September 2018. Picture by Patrick Paulsen.

At the InnoTrans 2018 trade fair in Berlin, CZ LOKO was able to add another order to its books for its EffiShunter 1000 locomotive. Italy's Rail Traction Company (RTC) has ordered two of the type with options for two more. The locomotives will be similar to the five delivered to Mercitalia Shunting and Terminal.

Delivery of the two machines is planned for 2019. Upon entering service, they will mainly be used for shunting and light mainline services, supporting the Class 753 locomotives already operated by RTC.

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GB Railfreight 66780 has been out-shopped by Arlington at Eastleigh Works in full white, blue and red Cemex livery. 66780 is the former DB Cargo UK 66008 and is one of ten Class 66 locomotives GB Railfreight bought from DB Cargo in late-2017. A picture of 66780 in its new guise can be found here: link.

GBRf 66758 'The Pavior' at Wellingborough Yard on 15 September 2018. Picture by Richard Gennis.

GB Railfreight 66758 was named 'The Pavior' in Radlett at the local Tarmac site on 14 September 2018.

GBRf 66758 'The Pavior' at Wellingborough Yard on 15 September 2018. Picture by Richard Gennis.

DRS 68028 has been brought into Transpennine Express (TPE) livery in the past week. The stickers were applied at Crewe Gresty Bridge, where the loco was also given the name "Lord President".