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On its social media, CZ Loko shares a new operator for the EffiShunter 1000 type: Hrochostroj. Currently under construction and numbered 744 161-1, the loco is set to join the Hrochostroj fleet in the summer of 2024 in what looks to become a black, purple and yellow livery. Hrochostroj is a relatively young Czech company, providing railway construction services in the Czech Republic.

DB Cargo 247 035-9 has lost its ECR livery and has been repainted in DB 'traffic red'. Here the loco is seen, freshly painted, at Oberhausen-Osterfeld. Picture by Heinrich Podobienski.

SETG ER20-05 visited the career fair "LokLive" on Sunday 23.10.2023, held at Bahnpark Augsburg. Picture by Christoph Essen.

In October 2023, SETG acquired ER 20 loco 2016 901-7 from Steiermarkbahn Transport und Logistik GmbH. Planned as 2016 090-9 for ÖBB, the loco was never delivered as such. It was delivered in red with StLB logos and later on was reliveried in white and green. Now the loco has again been reliveried in white and green, but this time in the colours of its new owner and a new number: ER20-05.

DB Cargo 744 154-6 (744 034-5) as the first EffiShunter 1000 within the DB Cargo group of companies on test near Rezzato, Italy. Picture by Giovanni Grasso.

At the TRAKO trade fair in Poland, CZ LOKO and DB Cargo signed a deal for the delivery of one EffiShunter 1000 locomotive. The loco is to be delivered in 2025 and will be the fifth of its kind in the DB Cargo group of companies. Two EffiShunter 1000s have already been delivered to DB Cargo Italia, which expects the third and fourth locos by the end of 2023. The loco for DB Cargo Czechia will be equipped for operations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

On September 22, GB Railfreight 66306 was named SCS Logistics at a naming ceremony in Willesden. GB Railfreight states the naming celebrates the vital role of the Skanska Costain STRABAG Joint Venture (SCS) in the construction of the High Speed Two (HS2) high speed line project.

In late-2007, 266 107-2 started its career with Railion Nederland (later DB Schenker Rail Nederland). Here the loco is seen with a short "Opel train" near Udenhout on April 14th, 2009. Picture by Martijn Schokker.

In early-September, CB 1000 arrived in the United Kingdom, where it will be further modified and repainted for use with GB Railfreight as 66313.

CB 1000 was preceded by 266 107-2 in August, which will become GBRf 66312.

Stadler Rail Valencia will deliver 5 EURO DUAL locomotives to Arkas Lojistik. The deal is financed by KfW IPEX-Bank, which announced the deal as follows:

Putting transport on rails: KfW IPEX-Bank provides EUR 39 million financing to Arkas Lojistik for the purchase of 5 Stadler EURODUAL locomotives for railway freight service. The transaction is covered by SERV Swiss Export Risk Insurance.

The locomotives are part of Arkas Group's "Railport Project", which is an inland terminal that provides intermodal cargo services in Turkey, developed jointly by Arkas Holding and Duisburger Hafen (Duisport). Furthermore, Arkas Logistics, duisport - Duisburger Hafen AG and Hupac Group announced an agreement for the development of a railway service between the Halkali terminals (European part of Istanbul) and Duisburg. Delivery time to recipients in Germany (Ruhr region), Belgium and the Netherlands is expected to be reduced to 7-9 days.

The six-axle dual-mode locomotives will be produced in Valencia, Spain, by Stadler Valencia, a subsidiary of Stadler Rail Group, a leading European rail vehicles manufacturer. The innovative hybrid locomotives will contribute to the modal shift from road to rail and run electrically, either powered via 25KV overhead catenary or by a low emissions high performance EN stage-V engine on non-electrified lines.

Overall, this will help to significantly reduce CO2 and other emissions in transportation which - besides supporting the European export industry - is the major goal of KfW IPEX-Bank.

Currently, there are 7 EURO DUAL locomotives operating on the Turkish railway network. The locos are operated by Korfez Ulast?rma and will be joined by another 2 locos by the end of 2024. The Arkas Lojistik order will raise the number of Turkish EURO DUALs to 14.

Another two diesel locos produced by CZ LOKO have made it to Italy. The locos in question are 741 762-9 for CLF and 744 153-8 for Sangritana. The latter will later be renumbered into 744 033-7.