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31.03.2019 - [BE/GB] Beacon Rail > Crossrail PB 15 arrives in the UK

Home 31.03.2019 - [BE/GB] Beacon Rail > Crossrail PB 15 arrives in the UK

PB15, temporary UK number 66997 (92 80 1266 066-0 D-BRLL) at Guide Bridge on 1 April 2019, on route from Hull Docks to Longport. Picture by Mark Barber.

Another Class 66 locomotive has been transported from the European mainland to the UK. The designated PB 15, owned by Beacon Rail Leasing and operated by Crossrail Benelux, will visit EMD's workshop at Longport, Stoke-on-Trent, where it will receive its main overhaul.

Transported by Rotterdam Rail Feeding from the EMD workshop at Rotterdam Noord to the P&O terminal at Rotterdam Europoort, the loco set sail for the UK where it arrived on March 31st. It was subsequently transported by rail to its final destination. Loco 66997 (its temporary number in the UK), follows in the footsteps of PB 13 (66998) and PB 07 (66999).

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