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19.10.2016 - [DE] DB firms up 9 TRAXX Multi Engine options [Updated]

Home 19.10.2016 - [DE] DB firms up 9 TRAXX Multi Engine options [Updated]

DB Fernverkehr 245 022 at Rickelsbüller Koog with a Sylt Shuttle service on May 28, 2016. Picture by Jens Vollertsen.

In 2011, DB placed a framework order for up to 200 TRAXX Multi Engine diesel locomotives. The first 20 locomotives ordered under this agreement entered service for DB Regio in South Germany (stationed at Bw Mühldorf and Bw Kempten) and in the Frankfurt am Main area. Another seven were ordered for use on DB Fernverkehr's Sylt Shuttle between Niebüll and Westerland (Sylt).

Now the 27 existing locomotives will get some company, by eight additional machines to be precise, according to IRJ. Five will be used by DB Fernverkehr as ICE rescue locomotives throughout Germany replacing older Class 218 locomotives and three will be delivered to DB Regio to further expand its fleet in South Germany. Similar to the previous 27 machines, all locomotives will be built at Bombardier's Kassel plant.

Updated: A ninth loco has been ordered as well. DB Fernverkehr will use this it for IC trains on the Erfurt - Gera route.

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