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2017-08-31 - [PL] PKP LHS adds to 311Da fleet

Home 2017-08-31 - [PL] PKP LHS adds to 311Da fleet

PKP LHS ST40s-16 with a freight train near Karp on 5 October 2014. Picture by Przemyslaw Zielinski.

Newag has been awarded an order for the rebuilding of an additional ten ST44 diesels to 311Da diesel locos by Polish broad gauge rail freight operator PKP LHS. The rebuilding process is to commence fairly soon with the first loco expected to re-enter service in late-March 2018 and the tenth loco by the end of 2018.

Delivered by Newag from 2008 until 2010, PKP LHS currently operates a fleet of 17 311Da diesel locomotives and will see its fleet of the type increased to 27 ten years after the first rebuilding. The order is driven by the increasing age of the ST44 locomotives and the corresponding higher operational costs, as well as an aim towards improved fleet standardization, easier multiple working and improved maintenance schemes and systems.

Besides PKP LHS, leasing company Macquarie European Rail operates a considerable fleet too. The lessor's fleet of 20 standard gauge locomotives is hired by CTL Logistics, DB Cargo Polska and Freightliner PL. Additionally, several DB Cargo Polska locomotives are or have been subhired to other Polish operates, including Track Tec Rail, ZPiS Spedkoks and ZIK.

PKP LHS ST40s-08 at Zamość-Bortatycze on 28 July 2016. Picture by Martin Weidig.

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