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2017-09-09 - [USA] Production of Midwest Chargers progresses rapidly

Home 2017-09-09 - [USA] Production of Midwest Chargers progresses rapidly

Youtube video by user MobileRailSpotterRxR of the brand new 4628 and 4629 on transport.

Siemens USA is steadily out-shopping more Charger locomotives for the Midwest (i.e. IDOT). As the video above shows, locos 4628 and 4629 have left the works in Sacramento, leaving only 4630-4633 to be completed. The two locos are part of a second option (12 locos) exercised by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) in 2015, following a first option (3 locos) taken up shortly after the firm order for 18 locomotives in 2014. Meanwhile, solo operations with the first IDOT Chargers in revenue service have commenced. Previously, Charger-hauled trains still operated with older locomotives at the head of the train.

Youtube video by user Trains Magazine of 4620 in revenue service.

An overview of all known Chargers orders part of the IDOT-led joint procurement programme:
- Illinois Department of Transportation: 33 locomotives
- California Department of Transportation: 22 locomotives
- Washington Department of Transportation: 8 locomotives
- Maryland Transit Administration: 8 locomotives

Additionally, All Aboard Florida has 10 locomotives on order for its Brightline services. These locomotives were procured separately.

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