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2017-11-11 - [PL] Newag sole bidder for PKP IC SM42 modernization

Home 2017-11-11 - [PL] Newag sole bidder for PKP IC SM42 modernization

PKP IC type 6Dl locomotive SU42-1009 at Gdynia Głwna on 15 August 2016. Picture by Julian Mandeville.

In August 2017, PKP Intercity issued a tender for the modernization of nine SM42 diesel shunters. It has been indicated now that Newag has been the sole bidder for the contract. It has offered a complete re-building programme, in which only frame and bogies are to be retained. Instead of a single diesel engine, the re-built locomotive will house two smaller ones. A new cab will be positioned in the middle of the vehicle. An option exists to modernize another four locomotives.

The indicated specifications of two diesel engines and a cab positioned in the center of the locomotive, remind us of a proven design, namely the 6Dl. From 2014 until 2015, Newag modernized ten SM 42 locomotives according to the 6Dl design: SU42-1001 - 1010. The 6Dl also houses two Caterpillar C18 diesel engines (Stage IIIb compliant) and has a cab positioned in the center of the locomotive. Of course, it remains to be seen whether this is the case.

Newag has ample experience with the modernization of diesel locomotives (6D and other types) for PKP IC, but also for PKP Cargo and PKP LHS. Combined this concerns 195 locomotives for the whole PKP Group, consisting of:

- 121x 6Dg - PKP Cargo
- 10x 6Dl - PKP IC
- 30x 15D - PKP Cargo
- 7x 16D - PKP LHS
- 10x 18D - PKP IC
- 17x 311Da - PKP LHS

Still on order are also 10 additional Class 311Da locomotive for broad gauge operator PKP LHS. In combination with this new order, the current number of 195 locomotives will grow to 214 and 218 if the option for a further 4 locomotives is exercised by PKP Intercity.

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