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2017-11-23 - [GB] TPE Class 68 starts journey abroad [Updated]

Home 2017-11-23 - [GB] TPE Class 68 starts journey abroad [Updated]

TPE 68021 in its new livery at Crewe Gresty Bridge Depot on 4 September 2017. Picture by First TransPennine Express.

TransPennine Express liveried Class 68 locomotive 68021 has started its journey abroad. On November 22nd, the loco was brought from DRS' Gresty Bridge Depot in Crewe to Portbury Docks, as can be seen here: link. From there, the locomotive will be transported to the European mainland by ship.

Update: Initially, it was indicated 68021 was to head to Velim in the Czech Republic for testing with CAF-built Mark 5A coaches. However, it has now been indicated that 68021 is to head to the CAF works in Spain.

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