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2018-01-08 - [CZ/SK] CZ LOKO outshops PSŽ Bizon 753 608-9

Home 2018-01-08 - [CZ/SK] CZ LOKO outshops PSŽ Bizon 753 608-9

PSŽ 753 608-9 in Česká Třebová on 5 January 2018. Picture by TomᚠVyplašil.

It was not until 20 December 2017 that CZ LOKO publicly announced that it had received an order from PSŽ for one EffiLiner 1600 'Bizon' locomotive. It was indicated by the Czech manufacturer that delivery would occur in early-2018. Already on 5 January 2018, the locomotive could be seen outside the CZ LOKO works in Česká Třebová.

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