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2018-08-20 - [UK] Beacon Rail PB 07 / Captrain 6601 visits the UK

Home 2018-08-20 - [UK] Beacon Rail PB 07 / Captrain 6601 visits the UK

Beacon Rail PB 07 / Captrain†6601 behind a Class 37 locomotive operated by the Rail Operations Group in Cross Gates on 20 August 2018. Picture by Richard Mannion.

After being transported by Rotterdam Rail Feeding to the P&O terminal in the Europoort port area in Rotterdam, Captrain 6601 (Beacon Rail PB 07) was put on a low loader. Subsequently, the locomotive was shipped to the UK, where the Rail Operations Group took over to transport it to Longport, Stoke on Trent. Here, the loco will be attended by EMD. The loco has temporarily been numbered 66999, to ease transport throughout the UK.

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