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2018-08-28 - [UK] First Freightliner Class 66 in G&W livery

Home 2018-08-28 - [UK] First Freightliner Class 66 in G&W livery

Freightliner 66413 passes South Kenton with an intermodal train on 22 August 2018. Picture by Helmuth van Lier.

After announcing its rebranding to the Genesee & Wyoming corporate identity, Freightliner has now released its first Class 66 locomotive in the GWRR group colour scheme. Interestingly, a completely different livery has been chosen over the Dutch Rotterdam Rail Feeding design as shown on the picture below. Which version do you like best?

Rotterdam Rail Feeding 561-05 at the Rotterdam-Waalhaven Yard on 15 July 2017. Picture by Henk Zwoferink.

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