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2018-09-01 - [PL] More Newag 15D locos hit the tracks

Home 2018-09-01 - [PL] More Newag 15D locos hit the tracks

Another two 15D locomotives have been delivered by Newag. Customer for the newly modernized 15D-037 and 15D-038 is Budokrusz S.A. Both locomotives will be operated by Budokrusz subsidiary Railpolonia.

But there is more 15D news. 15D-040 has been seen as well. The loco wears the same livery as P.U.K. Kolprem's 16D-008 and 009. In fact, it is 100% the same livery, because it concerns loco 16D-008 that has been re-gauged to 1435 mm and subsequently renumbered. Still owned by P.U.K. Kolprem, 15D-040 is currently on hire to Bartex.

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