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2018-11-01 - [CZ/TR] CZ LOKO lands Turkish EffiShunter deal

Home 2018-11-01 - [CZ/TR] CZ LOKO lands Turkish EffiShunter deal

CZ LOKO 723 704-3 in Přerov on 18 February 2017. Picture by Dalibor Palko.

CZ LOKO has closed another deal with the Erdemir Group for the delivery of locomotives. Where it has delivered two Class 744.7 locomotives (744.704 / L18 and 744.705 / L19) to the Erdemir steel works already, it has now suceeded in gaining an order for EffiShunter 600 locomotives from the Isdemir steel works (part of Erdemir Group). The contract comprises the delivery of six locomotives, all to be delivered in 2019. Previously, CZ LOKO produced two Class 741.7 locomotives which are now used as back-up locos for the Marmaray Tunnel: 741.708 and 741.709.

The future Erdemir L 18 during a test run at Beroun in the Czech Republic on February 16, 2017. Picture by Martin arman.

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