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2018-12-20 - [CA] Siemens Chargers for VIA Rail Canada

Home 2018-12-20 - [CA] Siemens Chargers for VIA Rail Canada

Artist impression of the Siemens Charger locomotives that are to power Via Rail Canada's new trainsets. Siemens.

Via Rail Canada has signed a deal worth 650m with Siemens Mobility for the delivery of 32 bi-directional trainsets powered by Charger diesel locomotives. With deliveries commencing in 2021, the contract includes a service agreement for 15 years.

Service area of the new trainsets will be formed by VIA's busiest route, the Quebec City Windsor Corridor, connecting Canada's two largest cities, Toronto and Montreal, and spanning more than 2,200 kilometers in a northeast-southwest direction.

Environmentally friendly with a Tier 4 emission compliant power unit, the locomotives offer a carbon emission reduction of up to 80% compared to current equipment. Additionally, the locos will be prepared.

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