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2019-01-30 - [CZ] CZ LOKO adds to EffiShunter 1000 order book

Home 2019-01-30 - [CZ] CZ LOKO adds to EffiShunter 1000 order book

CZ LOKO has been able to gain another two orders for its EffiShunter 1000 locomotive. With the orders, the Czech manufacturer not only gains more grip on the Italian market, but also gains a foothold in the Slovenian market.

The Italian order comprises the purchase of two EffiShunter 1000 locomotives by TPER, Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia-Romagna S.p.A. In addition to the firm order, options exist for a further four locos. The locos are destined for TPER's subsidiary Dinazzano Po (DP), which already operates four CZ LOKO 741.7 locos. Service area will be mainline services and shunting at the Reggio Emilia and Rubiera terminals.

For CZ LOKO, the Slovenian market is a new one. With an order from S - Tovorni promet, the manufacturer will soon deliver four new shunting locomotives for the Port of Koper. This order won after competing in an international tender for new shunters, in which European and US manufacturers took part. It will be the first time, the INDUSI safety system will be installed in the EffiShunter 1000, opening new markets for the product.

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