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2023-10-25 - [AT] SETG acquires StB 2016 901-7

Home 2023-10-25 - [AT] SETG acquires StB 2016 901-7

SETG ER20-05 visited the career fair "LokLive" on Sunday 23.10.2023, held at Bahnpark Augsburg. Picture by Christoph Essen.

In October 2023, SETG acquired ER 20 loco 2016 901-7 from Steiermarkbahn Transport und Logistik GmbH. Planned as 2016 090-9 for ÖBB, the loco was never delivered as such. It was delivered in red with StLB logos and later on was reliveried in white and green. Now the loco has again been reliveried in white and green, but this time in the colours of its new owner and a new number: ER20-05.

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