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2013-10-10 - [ES] 70x Vossloh EURO for South Africa [Updated x2]

Home 2013-10-10 - [ES] 70x Vossloh EURO for South Africa [Updated x2]

According to the Vossloh website, the Valencia based manufacturer is to supply 50 EURO Dual locomotives to South African leasing company Swifambo. But that's not all. 20 EURO 4000 locomotives are part of the 250m deal as well.

The locomotives will be leased to South African operator PRASA and will be used to modernise passenger services according to this article: link. A remarkable fact is that the article was published back in August 2012 and already mentioned the purchase of 88 Dual locomotives. However, it seems that the order has been slightly reduced to a total of 70 locomotives. All 70 units are to be delivered between 2014 and 2016 according to Railwaygazette.com.

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