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GE 58794 - Freightliner "70014"
27.04.2017 - Birmingham-Saltley [GB]
Recently reinstated to commercial service in the DFGI pool of locomotives after a spell in store at Leeds Midland Road Depot (in the DHLT pool), Freightliner no. 70014 rounds the curve at Saltley (in eastern Birmingham), slowing down for a red signal at Landor St. Jct whilst working 4O55, the 1213 container train from Leeds Freightliner Terminal (FLT) to Southampton Maritime Container Terminal (MCT). At this point, the train was running about 15 minutes early. Taken from the Saltley Viaduct road bridge.
Siemens 21600 - RTS "2016 908"
29.04.2017 - Babenhausen [D]
Siemens 22003 - Siemens "247 905"
20.04.2017 - München-Allach [D]
Auf Lastprobefahrt mit 10 Vectron im Schlepp