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Portrait EMD 20038545-2 - Railtraxx "266 031-4"

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26.08.2016 - Tilburg [NL]
Online since: 2016-10-22
About one kilometer west of Tilburg-University, near a railway crossing, at the recreation park \"Oude Warande\" this photo spot can be used, as on 22 September 2016 with RailTraxx 266 031 passing. Those willing to photograph coal trains with Class 66 on the Brabant-Route (Kijfhoek--Dordrecht-Tilburg-Eindhoven--Venlo) are advised to take out their camaeras now, since the acceptance procedure of ETCS-equipped Class 66 is being succesfully concluded, meaning, that these coal trains will use the Betuwe-Route in the future instead.