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[CZ] First EffiShunter 1000M locos for CD outshopped

Home CZ LOKO 744.0 / 744.1 - EffiShunter 1000 [CZ] First EffiShunter 1000M locos for CD outshopped

The first 2 out of 14 EffiShunter 1000M locos for CD were outshopped by CZ LOKO in Mai 2023. In contrast to the EffiShunter 1000M locos operated by CD Cargo, which are registered in the 742.71 series, the CD locos are numbered in the 743.2 series. The locos in question carry the numbers 743 201-6 and 743 202-4. All 14 locos will be delivered with ETCS L2 and LS06 on board.

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