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Ascendos DE2000

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In short

For regional passenger services on the Marschbahn (Hamburg - Westerland (Sylt)) Veolia/NOB ordered three EuroRunners with Siemens via leasing company CB Rail. Initially, the order was expected to be bigger as Siemens was already building a fourth and a fifth loco in Veolia/NOB colors at the time. The locos were delivered between December 2005 and March 2006, numbered as DE 2000-01 - 03.

A part of CB Rail's fleet was transferred to Ascendos Rail Leasing in 2010, including the three EuroRunners presented in this section.

In late 2015, all EuroRunner locomotives operated by NOB on the Marschbahn were replaced by TRAXX Multi Engine locomotives. DE 2000-01 - 03 were then hired to Transdev Regio Ost for use on the Chemnitz-Leipzig Express (CLEX).

1 order
3 locomotive 
Order date: __.__.200x 
Delivery period: 12.2005 - 03.2006
> Designation: DE 2000-01 - 03


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Hersteller Fabriknummer Baujahr Fahrzeugtyp Bauart Loknummer        
Siemens 21179 2005 ER 20 Bo'Bo'-de MRB 223 053
Siemens 21180 2005 ER 20 Bo'Bo'-de MRB 223 054
Siemens 21183 2005 ER 20 Bo'Bo'-de MRB 223 055