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WLE 22 & 23

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In short

Private railway operator Westfälische Landes-Eisenbahn Gmbh (WLE) from Lippstadt, Germany ordered a first EuroRunner back in 2006. The machine was delivered to WLE on March 7th 2007, painted in a bright orange livery with white inscriptions. In the next months this machine, numbered 22, was refitted and received its equipment for passenger services. For the loco this implied that a Zugsammelschiene container had to be installed and that the loco's fuel capacity had to be lowered from 4000 to 2500 litres. A remarkable fact is that this unit was originally painted in Veolia/NOB corporate colors and that it carried the NOB designation DE2000-04. It was foreseen to enter service with Veolia/NOB, but for unknown reasons this didn't happen.


During the spring of 2008 a second EuroRunner was ordered, which was delivered in June 2009. The loco, numbered 23, was fitted with radio control, something that its predecessor wasn't equipped with. Because WLE wanted both machines to have radio control, WLE 22 received the equipment in July and August 2008. During its absence a replacement was found in Siemens demonstrator ER 20-2007.

1 order
1 locomotive 
Order date: __.__.2006 
Delivery date: 15.03.2007 
> Designation: 22
2 order
1 locomotive
Order date: __.__.2008
Delivery date: 24.06.2009
> Designation: 23


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Hersteller Fabriknummer Baujahr Fahrzeugtyp Bauart Loknummer        
Siemens 21282 2006 ER 20 Bo'Bo'-de WLE 22
Siemens 21593 2008 ER 20 Bo'Bo'-de WLE 23