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In short

Rail Transport Service GmbH (RTS) is a private operator from Austria, which was founded by the Swietelsky construction group in 2004. RTS initially focused on the transport of building materials, construction equipment and special objects, but the company extended its services with regular freight services later on. Since 2005 the company has been expanding its fleet of rail vehicles, that used to consist of former ÖBB 2143 diesel locomotives. Extra  traction was found in the form of different ES 64 U2 and ER 20 locomotives, that were hired from MRCE Dispolok. In 2007 the company expanded its fleet with the purchase of its own Siemens locomotives. The order was for two ES 64 U4 electric and one ER 20 BF diesel-electric locos. The EuroRunner was outshopped in June 2007 in RTS corporate colors and was numbered 2016 905. It had its first service on July 3rd 2007.


In 2009 another two EuroRunners were added to the RTS fleet. Both locos, numbered 2016 906 and 907, first saw service during the summer and brought the amount of RTS EuroRunners to three. However, a fourth machine was already planned by then. The delivery of EuroRunner 2016 908 was postponed until April 2011. That month the loco appeared in an all white livery, which was characteristic for all EuroRunners from the stock production at Neustrelitz. Throughout 2011 and most of 2012 the loco kept its white livery, which was slightly decorated with some black RTS logos. However, 2016 908 was eventually painted in the RTS company colors, just like the rest of the company's EuroRunners.

1st order
1 locomotive 
Order date: __.__.2007
Delivery date: 29.06.2007
> Designation: 2016 905
2nd order
2 locomotives
Order date: __.__.2009
Delivery period: 06.2009 - 07.2009
> Designation: 2016 906 - 907
3rd order
1 locomotive
Order date: __.03.2011
Delivery date: 01.04.2011
> Designation: 2016 908


Select your locomotive:

Manufacturer: Works number: Year of construction: Type: Axle configuration: Company Locomotive number        
Siemens 21153 2007 ER 20 Bo'Bo'-de RTS 2016 905 39 pictures(s) available Revisions available
Siemens 21594 2009 ER 20 Bo'Bo'-de RTS 2016 906 33 pictures(s) available Revisions available
Siemens 21595 2009 ER 20 Bo'Bo'-de RTS 2016 907 28 pictures(s) available Revisions available
Siemens 21600 2011 ER 20 Bo'Bo'-de RTS 2016 908 34 pictures(s) available Revisions available