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[EU] Metrans goes international

Home Siemens EuroRunner Classic METRANS 761 [EU] Metrans goes international
During the past week, Czech operator Metrans has executed several trial runs on foreign ground with their new EuroRunners. On 08.05.2011, Metrans 761 001 and 002 arrived with a container train at Dunajská Streda [SK]. From there they made a trip to Rajka [HU]. At Rajka they inspected by the Hungarian railway authority, completed trial runs at vmax between Hegyeshalom and Budapest and did a break distance test.

Metrans wants to deploy its EuroRunners between Praha-Uhřiněves and Dunajská Streda, beginning in June 2011. Secondly, it is possible that the 761s will also run to the terminals at Lípa nad Dřevnicí (nearby Zlín, CZ) and Budapest. Operations in Slovenia (Koper) and Austria are under consideration. On 04.05.2011, 761 002 made a test run to Lipa.

BTW: The third locomotive, 761 003, still awaits approval for the Czech Republic. Then it will go to Hungary too. - JP/JS/Zelpage