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CTV 2016

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In short

Cargo Trans Vagon (CTV) from Romania ordered two EuroRunners back in December 2010. Both units were selected from a batch of stock locomotives, that was being built by the Arriva works at Neustrelitz at that time.


Before both locomotives could be delivered to CTV, they received a paint job at the Dangelmayr paint shops in Berlin in the first week of March 2011. Their white stock locomotive livery was replaced with a blue/grey/red one. Both units are used for freight services within Romania.

1 order
2 locomotives
Order date: __.12.2010
Delivery date: 11.05.2011
> Designation: 2016 750 - 751


Select your locomotive:

Hersteller Fabriknummer Baujahr Fahrzeugtyp Bauart Loknummer        
Siemens 21406 2010 ER 20 Bo'Bo'-de CTV 2016 750-3
Siemens 21407 2010 ER 20 Bo'Bo'-de CTV 2016 751-1