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In short

Adria Transport, a private rail operator from Slovenia, is a joint venture between port operator Luka Koper and the Graz-Köflacher Bahn from Austria. The company received its first EuroRunner in the fourth week of June 2011, which was numbered 2016 920.


A second unit was ordered in July 2012, numbered 2016 921. The loco was the last of a batch of EuroRunners which was built on stock by Siemens in 2011 and therefore the last EuroRunner built by Siemens.

1st order
1 locomotive 
Order date: __.__.201x 
Delivery date: 25.06.2011
> Designation: 2016 920
2nd order
1 locomotive
Order date: __.__.2012
Delivery date: 10.04.2012
> Designation: 2016 921


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Manufacturer: Works number: Year of construction: Type: Axle configuration: Company Locomotive number        
Siemens 21405 2010 ER 20 Bo'Bo'-de Adria Transport 2016 920 26 pictures(s) available Revisions available
Siemens 21690 2011 ER 20 Bo'Bo'-de Adria Transport 2016 921 8 pictures(s) available