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Between 2006 and 2007 Siemens built 16 narrow gauge (1000 mm) locomotives for the Vietnamese Railways (VNR), which the Asian operator ordered in 2004. Siemens calls this product the AsiaRunner. The locos built for VNR have a Co'Co'-de axle configuration, which gives them their low axle loads. These low axle loads are needed to run safely on the available infrastructure, which oftenly is of poor quality.


The AsiaRunner as a product is related to the EuroRunner, but is designed for services in Southeast Asia and Africa on narrow gauge railway lines. Siemens offers two subtypes: the AR15 and the AR20. The locos built for Vietnam represent the AR15 subtype and have a power output of 1500 kW. AR20 locomotives are stronger with their power output of 2000 kW and heavier. However, no AR20 locos have been built up till now (04.2013), which makes the VNR D20E series the sole representive of the AsiaRunner locomotive type.


Later, Siemens offered a stronger version as replacement of the AR20 concept: the AR24. Instead of 2000 kW engine, this locomotive would feature a 2400 kW engine. However, no examples of the AR24 type have actually been built.


Technical Details

  AR15 AR24 (concept)
Total length 19180 mm 19180 mm
Total height 3945 mm 3945 mm
Total width 2820 mm 2820 mm
Axle characteristics    
Wheel diameter new 1016 mm 1016 mm
Wheel diameter worn 956 mm 956 mm
Axle arrangement Co'Co' Co'Co'
Track gauge 1000 - 1067 mm 1000 - 1067 mm
Total weight (maximum) 81 tonnes 96 tonnes
Axle load (maximum) 13,5 tonnes 16 tonnes
Traction performance    
Top speed 120 km/h 120 km/h
Starting tractive effort 260 kN 300 kN
Continuous tractive effort 250 kN 250 kN
Maximum braking effort 150 kN 150 kN
Propulsion characteristics    
Fuel tank capacity 4500 L 4500 L
Diesel engine manufacturer MTU MTU
Diesel engine type 12V 4000 R41 ?
Power rating 1500 kW 2400 kW
Number of cylinders 12 16
Rated speed 1800 rpm 1800 rpm
Idle speed 600 rpm 600 rpm
Number of traction motors 6 6
Manufacturer electrical equipment Siemens Siemens
Electrical transmission AC AC

Fleet List

Hersteller Fabriknummer Baujahr Fahrzeugtyp Bauart Loknummer        
Siemens 21184 2006 AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-001
Siemens 21185 2006 AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-002
Siemens 21186 2006 AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-003
Siemens 21187 ? AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-004
Siemens 21188 ? AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-005
Siemens 21189 ? AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-006
Siemens 21190 ? AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-007
Siemens 21191 ? AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-008
Siemens 21192 ? AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-009
Siemens 21193 ? AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-010
Siemens 21194 ? AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-011
Siemens 21195 ? AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-012
Siemens 21196 ? AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-013
Siemens 21197 ? AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-014
Siemens 21198 ? AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-015
Siemens 21199 ? AR 15 Co'Co'-de VNR D20E-016