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EuroRunner 2007

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This section presents all diesel-electric locomotives built by Siemens, that are based on the redesigned EuroRunner platform as presented in 2007 with the very first ER20 for the Lithuanian State Railways. On MainlineDiesels.net we call it the EuroRunner 2007 platform, but Siemens doesn't consider this to be a real platform. In fact, the EuroRunners in this section should be seen more as customer-specific, technically updated, products based on the original ER20 locomotives. The 2007 platform can include 4- and 6-axle configurations and power can range from 2000kW to more than 3000kW.

Fleet Overview

Technical Details

  ER 20 CF ER 24 PC
Total length 22850 mm ~ 18600 mm
Total height ? mm ~ 4280 mm
Total width ? mm ~ 2870 mm
Clearance gauge GOST 9238-83 ?
  DSB 3 A 16383
Axle characteristics    
Wheel diameter (new) 1100 mm ? mm
Axle arrangement Co'Co' Bo'Bo'
Track gauge 1435 / 1520 mm 1435 mm
Total weight (maximum) 138 tonnes ? tonnes
Axle load (maximum) 23 tonnes ? tonnes
Traction performance    
Top speed 120 km/h ? km/h
Starting tractive effort 450 kN ? kN
Propulsion characteristics    
Fuel tank capacity 7000 L ? L
Diesel engine manufacturer MTU MTU
Diesel engine type 16V 4000 R41 16V 4000 R43L
Power rating 2000 kW 2400 kW
Number of cylinders 16 16
Rated speed 1800 rpm 1800 rpm
Idle speed 600 rpm 600 rpm
Number of traction motors 6 4
Manufacturer electrical equipment Siemens Siemens
Electrical transmission AC AC