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Pictures of a bright red Euro 4000 locomotive for Takargo!

Here you can find a report (in Spanish) on the first commercial run operated by EuroCargoRail in Spain. It ran from Barcelona to Zaragoza and for this purpose ECR has hired 335.006 from Angel Trains Cargo.

Stern & Hafferl 2016 910 not only got its final design last week, it was also named Erika. The new diesel-electric locomotive symbolizes the cooperation of Stern & Hafferl and the Austrian Railways (OBB). - OBB
Here you'll find an image of Stern & Hafferl's newest locomotive; 2016 910 from Siemens, with new decorations. - KAR

Comsa Euro 4000 no. 335 001 is currently in Portugal for driver training.

On 18.11.10028, EuroSprinter prototype ES 64 P-001 transported the new EuroRunner unit for Stern & Hafferl from Munich to Wiener Neustadt, where it will get its final design. The now red and black painted machines is designated 2016 910 / NVR 92 81 2016 910-9 A-STH and will be homologated for services in Germany/Austria and Slovenia - GR/DSO
For this month, the delivery is scheduled of the first EuroRunner unit for the Austrian company Stern & Hafferl. Next to that, the WLE will get its second EuroRunner early in 2009. - Railvolution

The Euro4000 demonstrator, painted white and since January 2008 used for homologation trials in Germany, has been spotted around the workshops in Cottbus, Germany. - DSO

All the way from Valencia, Spain, an Euro4000 locomotive is on its way to Berlin, were it will be presented at the international Innotrans railway fair. The green color of the machine immediately tells us for whom this machine is built: Angel Trains Cargo. The machine you see behind the 189 016 is Vossloh 2505/2008, one of the first of its type with normal gauge bogies, intended for the European market, to be homologated for countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Similar looking machines for the Spanish and Portugese market are right now being delivered to ATC; the designated 335 series. In total, ATC has 30 machines on order, to be devided over the two markets mentioned.

Siemens EuroRunner demonstrator, ER 20-2007, has performed some trials last week in Switzerland. The machine is also back in business. It was stored in Munich for almost a year.
01.07.2008 - [DE] Who is black?
These MRCE Dispolok machines have been reported being repainted in black right now:

ER 20-005, -008, -009, -013 and -014
ES 64 U2-026 and -067
ES 64 F4-006 (VH), -010 (VD), -021 (VD), -028 (VK), -029 (VI, no service numbers), -033 (VK), -094 (VE) and -098 (VE)
189 090, 092, 093, 094, and 095 (all VJ). 189 093-095 now have a Veolia-livery
If there are any more, please let us know!

The news is already two weeks old, but still interesting. The Royal Bank of Scotland, urgently needing fresh capital, has sold Angel Trains Cargo, to a consortium of investors for £3.6 bn. This consortium includes the Babcock & Brown European Infrastructure Fund, Australian investment manager AMP Capital Investors, Deutsche Bank and pension funds advised by Access Capital Advisers. Note that Babcock & Brown is already active on the European leasing market for railway vehicles, as it also owns CB Rail. This company is a joint venture of B&B and the English HBOS. It is expected that the Angel Trains transaction will be completed by the end of 2008. - Railwaygazette
02.06.2008 - [DE] triple black
ES 64 F4-021 - ER 20-013 - ES 64 U2-067 - the next ones with new black paint have been relased form the paint shop in Berlin today.
In the upcoming time, this will be a frequently returning topic: MRCE Dispolok applying its latest corporate identity on its complete locomotive fleet. Up till now only ES64F4 type machines were painted in the new MRCE Dispolok colour scheme, which simply means that the machine is completely painted black, including frame and rooftop. Both fronts are then partially painted in white (mandatory for running in Holland) and red (mandatory for running in Italy) to enhance visibility. On most machines also the new MRCE Dispolok logos are applied, supported by a silvergrey bar over the total length of the machine's frame. Finally, all technical inscriptions are put on in white again.

Today however, for the first time an MRCE ES64U2 electric and two MRCE ER20 diesel-electric locomotives had their roll-out in black, in Berlin, where all machines are repainted by German company Dangelmayer. All three machines are exaclty painted as described above. For the ES64U2 machine (built for 15kV and 25kV AC voltage systems only)this is quite remarkable as this type is not able to run in the Netherlands (1,5kV DC) nor in Italy (3kV DC). Still it has white and red front-ends. MRCE is therefore very strict when it comes down to applying the corporate identity, but maybe also wants to show that it is ready for the future, where new 25kV AC-only corridors will be available all over Europe.

The machines that left Berlin today with the new MRCE look are ES64U2 026 and ER20 005 and 008. The latter one was immediately rented out to IGE Bahntouristik, and used for commercial services on the very same day. It replaces ER20 013 by IGE, which is now to Berlin for blackening. Also ES64U2 067 has arrived in Berlin.

In the next months we will try to keep up with the changes concerning the ambitious MRCE repainting plan, and with drawings we will visualize the consequences for the machines. As many ES64U2 carry customer specific logos, promotional adhesives or even complete liveries, it will be interesting how this will be combined with the new black tren - DSO/Bahnforum/SS

Next monday ES64U2 026 will leave Berlin after being repainted in black. It will be accompagnied by two, also black painted, ER20s. The convoy will head for Munchen. A day before, ES64U2 067 will arrive in Munchen for blackening... Keep your eyes, and cameras, open! - DSO
Different sources mention a new order for Siemens Mobility last week. Curious because it seems the initial deal already has been closed in November 2006.

Siemens will deliver 150 new diesel locomotives to the Iranian Railways, MAPNA, of which 30 will be completely built in Germany, 120 others in Iran, so the deals include a technology transfer. There are no further technical details about the locomotives yet, only that Siemens will deliver the first one within 30 months after the deal is signed, so that would make May 2009 the month in which the first one has to be ready. Total volume of the order is 450 million euros, of which 300 million will go to Siemens. - RIRF/Iranfocus.com/Islamic Republic News Agency

During the day a curious third article was found mentioning this order, and telling us something about world politics that do play an important role behind the scenes. There has been some political pressure from the US to stop doing business with Iran in 2007. But orders that were awarded befgore that, seem to be respected. The diesel locomotives therefore seem to be built anyway. - iranfocus.com

All information, links and articles about this curious news fact can be found in the Siemens sub forum.

Yesterday, Mitsui published a press statement about the short term plans it has with both its MRCE and MRCE Dispolok leasing subsidiaries;

Mitsui Rail Capital Europe B.V. in Amsterdam (MRCE) and Dispolok GmbH in Munich (Dispolok) will take an important step in integrating their locomotive leasing operations as of April 1, 2008.

MRCE successfully established in October 2004 as a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (Mitsui) for locomotive leasing operation in Europe, and Dispolok, acquired by Mitsui in October 2006, will integrate their operations to create one of the largest European locomotive operating lessors and service providers with more than 200 locomotives already delivered to customers in more than 10 countries in Europe.

The integration will comprise a transfer of all leasing operations to Munich, which will be renamed MRCE Dispolok GmbH (MRCE Dispolok), and a concentration of all corporate operations in Amsterdam, which will continue to carry the name of Mitsui Rail Capital Europe B.V. All day-to-day locomotive lease operations including sales & marketing, fleet management, logistics management and service & maintenance management for the entire fleet of MRCE and MRCE Dispolok will be centralized in Munich, while the marketing and technology strategy & development, business administration, financing and budgeting, locomotive procurement and ownership will be homed in Amsterdam. Current MRCE sales staff will be operationally assigned to MRCE Dispolok but physically remain in Amsterdam to be closer to core customers in North & Western Europe. All shares of Mitsui in Dispolok will be transferred to MRCE. A new corporate identity and logo design will be introduced including the unification of the entire fleet to a black color scheme.

This integration is to combine the industrial and financial strength of MRCE and Dispolok and to establish the basis for further expansion and diversification.􃧹r. Miki, the current CEO of MRCE and future Managing Director, Group CEO of MRCE explained: “The integration will be mainly driven by using best the existing expertise and capabilities at the actual locations and we have not been chasing a holding structure but more a vertical concentration into corporate and market functions”. Mr. Stahl, the current President and COO of MRCE and future Managing Director, Group Marketing & Strategy of MRCE outlined: “This will be to combine the strength of both while eliminating weakness. We think to have created an organization which by operations has an unparalleled depth of know-how and functions in this specific market and commit to spearhead market development to all aspects in favor of our business partners”. Dr. Breinl, the current COO of Dispolok and future Chief Officer, Group Technology, Development of MRCE added;” We are leading ETCS development having invested in a very promising and future oriented design and configuration for our fleet and have started to look into a different design of locomotives”.

For the near future, MRCE will focus on the European Rail new development by supporting and assisting privately and nationally held railways to regain transportation market shares, while endeavoring to protect the environment, as well as to improve the efficiency of the supply of goods to meet the growing demands of the society. In close cooperation with Mitsui, MRCE is planning to diversify into various new business segments related to rail freight transportation.

We value your patronage and believe that this new and more focused structure will broaden and strengthen our ability to be of service for you. We want to be on your side wherever you need us. - MRCE

With 223 072 now all 12 EuroRunners for Arriva are being delivered. This last machine carries Regental Bahn logos in stead of Alex. The machines will be used for freight services but can help out with the Alex express every now and then.