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The DB concern has decided to explore the market for mainline diesel locomotives once again. This time they want to come to a general agreement with a manufacturer about the delivery of up to 200 mainline diesel locomotives. Depending on the contracts the DB is able to obtain in the near future, number, configuration and service domain of these new units will be determined. So units can end up in freight service of DB Schenker in Poland or Euro Cargo Rail in France for example. Or maybe they will haul double stock rakes for DB Regio to Austria, or haul international passenger services of business units that still have to be founded. Be prepared for everything so to say.

Back to the facts:
- emission: Stage IIIB, for sub series Stage IIIA is discussable
- speed: 140 kph minimum, 160 kph optional
- tractive effort: 236 kN minimum, 270 kN should be possible however
- energy system: 300 kVA minimum

These new units should be able to haul a 6-car double stock rake with 140 kph, still having an tractive effort surplus of 30 kN. These specifications leave much room for creative solutions from all over the world (think USA/Canada, China, Russia, Germany, France) so it's not very useful to speculate about possible candidates for this order. For sure it will a prestigious matter. We will just have to wait and see.

There they come! The Americans are ready again to invade Europe... The first Powerhaul main line diesels for the UK market is ready for shipping. Some first images of this 'class 70' for customer Freightliner appeared on Twitter last week. GE itself reports on the event with some nice videos here.

GE is preparing the world for their new Powerhaul platform. The UK version of this machine is just a first step. GE is also developing a version for theEuropean, Middle East and North African markets. Yet another player who wants to act on the EU market for main line diesel engines, an interesting segment with many new product developments; In the near future, GE's Powerhaul has to compete with the Vossloh/EMD Euro 4000, Voith's Maxima, and Siemens' EuroRunner CF.

And that's not it, also that other big player from the US, EMD is working on a CoCo diesel meeting modern railway standards, finally replacing their Spartan Class66 platform.

From 23.09.2009 to 02.10.2009, Euro 4000 unit no. 4001 stayed in Tilburg. Most of the time it was inside the workshops of NedTrain. Purpose of this visit is still unknown. On 02.10.2009 the machine was taken to Rotterdam Waalhaven from where it was transported to Bottrop. From there it continued its journey in a train to Hegyeshlom, Hungary. Finally it ended up in Munich. - AS

No. 4002 is still doing his rounds in France by the way... - AG

Yesterday, 2016 911 was officially handed over to operator Stern & Hafferl. The locomotive got a name: Doris. - CT/ML/HP

Yesterday, an Euro 4000 arrived in the Netherlands. DLC/Crossrail took it to the Nedtrain work shops in Tilburg. This morning it could be seen from the platforms of Tilburg central station.

Yesterday, the new Stern & Hafferl 2016.911 came with LTE-Train 47983 to Vienna Zentralverschiebebahnhof. A 2016 of LTE took it further on to Wiener Neustadt. It's the second unit of its type for the Austrian operator. After WLE 23, RTS Austria 2016 906 and 907 and St&H 2016 910 its the fifth EuroRunner for this year. - MO


By the way, who has information about the most recent deliveries by Vossloh Valencia? Recently I have found the new 6003, 6004 and 6005 for Takargo and a 335.027 for ATC. Who got 335.023-026 and 028-etc? Mail to mainlinediesels@gmail.com.

Since 01.09.2009, Siemens demonstrator ER 20-2007 is in Hungary for homologation and tests with MIREL signalling system. The diesel locomotive is also evaluated in regular services of GySEV. - GA

Vossloh 2505 performed test runs in Belgium yesterday, some impressions. - LJ/Wallorail.be

On 13.08.2009 the '4001' arrived in Belgium for test runs on lign '94' from Ath to Silly. It came from Germany.

Another 'European' Euro 4000 unit is now in France, for homologation. - TC

Siemens is recently delivering new EuroRunners; 2016 906 and 907 to RTS (Austria) and number 23 to the WLE.
26.06.2009 - [ES] nice line-up

A nice line-up of recent Vossloh products. - AGVF

A second EuroRunner has been delivered by Siemens to RTS Austria. The 2016 906 is the first of its type to be assembled at Arriva Werke Nord GmbH in Neustrelitz (DE). - ML/DSO

Swedish rail operator Railcare has acquired two Euro4000 dieselelectrics from Vossloh. It concerns the two white engines used for homologation of the Euro4000 platform in Sweden and Germany.

Originally both engines were ordered by leasing company Allco. BTMU however took over all European activities of Allco, but not the contract of both Euro4000s, which then stayed by Vossloh. Now Railcare will operate them. Some pictures here. - Beacon Rail / Railcare

CBRail's DE2000-03, in service of the the Nord-Ostsee-Bahn, has recenlty been decorated with promotional vinyls for radio RSH. - YD
17.04.2009 - [EU] various news

CBRail's E 37530 has completed its maiden run, the engine is painted in the colours of Veolia - ES 64 F4-203 was sent to the Netherlands - ES 64 F4-150 has returned from the Czech Republic, next destination would be Hungary according to this link - On 16.04.2009, the third Traxx engine (ATC 185 622 / 119.003) for CargoNet left Kassel, on 17.04.2009, CargoNet 119.004 followed - Euro 4000 engine T68 901 got Railcare logos. - Elektrolok/MC/KAR/JdV

18.03.2009 - [SK] Regio Rail
We don't have much information yet about this operator from Slovakia, but Siemens 21029 - MRCE Dispolok ER 20-005 is already carrying its logos: Regio Rail. - KL
In May 2005 we already had the Europe-Asia-Express, now again a demonstration run will be held from Europe to Turkey, again with a Siemens EuroSprinter and EuroRunner. This time MRCE Dispolok's publishes the news that they will organize a test run with two of their units, starting of in Llubljana in Slovena on 16.03.2009, ending in Istanbul (TR) only 37 hours later. Now freight trains take 23 hours more to complete the 1577 km long route, road transport takes about 10-20 hours more.

The Bosphorus-Europe Express will cross Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria along its way. Because the route in the latter two countries goes via non-electrified track sections, MRCE Dispolok EuroRunner ER 20-013 will join the ES 64 F4-032. - MRCE Dispolok

The HVLE (Havelländische Eisenbahn) is currently evaluating an EuroRunner for its services. Therefore they have hired unit ER 20-004 from MRCE Dispolok. The images show the silver-yellow unit on 22.02.2009 around Berlin, together with different other HVLE machines.

On 23.02.2009 the machines was spotted again, but by then it lost its orange HVLE logos again. - SB

Press diesel-electric 253 014 has new promotional vynils: 175 Jahr Deutsche Eisenbahnen.

BTMU Capital Corporation (BTMUCC) announced today that it has established Beacon Rail Leasing Limited (Beacon Rail), a wholly-owned subsidiary, to be its business entity for freight rolling stock leasing in the European market.

Beacon Rail is a UK company headquartered in London and with an additional office in Rotterdam. The Beacon Railportfolio currently includes 27 locomotives and 50 freight cars on lease to lessees in the UK and Belgium.

In addition, Beacon Rail has ordered six new e4000 diesel electric locomotives from Vossloh Espana, S.A.U. for a lease to CargoNet AS in Norway. These locomotives will be delivered in mid-2010. - BTMUcc

New images today of the 6001, now also identified as Vossloh 2527. The machine was looking to good not to show it on the frontpage! What do you think? - SM