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Since last week, Beacon Rail / Europorte have their first two Euro 4000 locomotives in service (Vossloh 2505 and 2506). In January 2011 two more will come (Vossloh 2507 and 2508). Yesterday, unit no.3 was seen near the French-Spanish border. - Beacon Rail / KAR / TL
On 14.12.2010, lease company Beacon Rail officially took over Euro4000 diesel locomotive 4001 and 4002 from Vossloh. Both units are since then leased to operator Europorte France S.A.S. - Beacon Rail
Today, Beacon Rail was used for a test run for Uwe Adam, with DGS 93847 Kargow - Freiburg.
In the mean time, everybody must have seen the blue-silver painted Euro4000 locomotive at the Innotrans fait. Beacon Rail leasing has bought four such units from Vossloh. Originally they were ordered by Alpha Trains but this company decided to focus on the Iberian market only with this type. Europorte from France will exploit the four new units.

Alpha Trains originally ordered six units for service in France, Belgium and Germany. Status of the remaining two is unknown. - BR/KAR

Siemens tricked us in Wegberg-Wildenrath last June. They did not tell the complete story. Indeed, the Vectron platform will be Siemens' new platform to compete with Bombardier's Traxx and the Alstom PrimaII, but the range is a bit more versatile than expected. At Innotrans 2010 the Vectron DE will make its debute, alongside the new DC-only version and accompagnied by the known AC and MS version. All four units at the Innotrans are new, so Siemens invested in building in at least six white prototypes. Unlike the 193 901 and 921 that we already knew, the four newcomers have an altered front-hatch design and new lamp-fittings. Some first details about the four new units:

Vectron MS - 193 902 - Another multi-system unit to be used accross Europe, it's decorated with red front markings for Italy. It will be named next wednesday as 'Werner von Siemens'.

Vectron AC - 193 922 - The second AC-machine for services in Germany and towards Eastern Europe.

Vectron DC - 191 951 - A new one, for DC (3 kV) only. Its UIC ratser tells us that Siemens aims at the Polish domestic market first. On one side, the DC unit has automatic couplings, to show this feature.

Vectron DE - 247 901 - The unexpected surprise, a diesel Vectron. A machine with a 2400kW MTU engine. It has features for passenger services, as there is a display up front for example.

Czech railway company Metrans has now ordered three own Eurorunners from Siemens, to be delivered in 2011. They will be homologated for all neighboring countries of Czechia plus Hungary and Slovenia, thus will be equipped with Mirel and Indusi detection systems. Special to these new ER20s is an additional extra large fuel tank to enable the locos to manage long distance hauls. via ct24.cz - M22
A new EuroRunner: 223 144, white, no logos and immatriculated by the PRESS
On 11.07.2010, the Hungarian national railway museum was 10 years old, celebrating the occasion with a nice parade. Some impressions of that day.
Today, Siemens released four IranRunners (1503, 1504, 1506, 1507), heading for Hamburg with 1116 911. Most likely the will be shipped to Iran. - GW
Three days ago we informed you on the new 223 141 from the Siemens production in Neustrelitz. The information we gave was not completely right. The 223 141 is financed via a leasing company and delivered to operator e.g.o.o..

Beacon Rail / CargoNet Euro 4000 locomotive no.4 (312 004) has left the Vossloh factories in Albuixech, Spain. BTW, we are still lookng for some nice shots of the 312 001 and 002 in Norway, who can help us with this? - KAR

Here is a report on the first two Euro 4000 diesel units for Cargonet arriving in Norway. (link fixed) - OB

And Euro 4000 - 2 is still on its way in France. - KAR

We just got to know the new white and silver painted ES 64 F4 unit, yet another one appears! In Linz Siemens 21322 is spotted in the same base colours. It is not known yet what the purpose of this locomotive will be, but together with ES 64 F4-801 and ER 20-2007 it would make a nice line-up! - RG

Today two very interesting new Siemens locomotives were transported from Munich to Wegberg-WIldenrath:

First you see a blue painted EuroRunner derivate to be delivered to the RAI, the railways of Iran. It's a 2400 kW, single cab diesel unit.

The second machine is Siemens ES 64 F4-801; a new demonstrator for the manufacturer from Bavaria. It has a white and grey livery similar to ER 20-2007 and it's decorated (like former E189 929) with the slogan 'Borderless Mobility'. It has the VH-configuration (DE-AT-PL) its NVR number is 91 80 6189 801-4 D-PRESS. The Eisenbahn-Bau- und Betriebsgesellschaft Pressnitztalbahn mbH will only act as 'halter' (das einstellende Eisenbahn- verkehrsunternehmen) for this machine, as it will remain property of Siemens for now. - AH/SH/PB

The parental company of Angel Trains Cargo, welknown on this site for its turqoise-silver lease locomotives, has changed its name. From now on we will have to refer to Alpha Trains. There is no information yet about the how and why, neither do we know what the consequences will be for Angel Trains Cargo. - KAR