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As from this month DB Schenker 67008 is used by Chiltern Railways for passenger services. Chiltern Railways is also part of the DB Group, being an Arriva subsidiary.

On November 8 HGK / RheinCargo DE 62 was involved in a collision with a car at Erfurt, Germany. Afterwards, the loco was repaired at the HGK workshops at Brühl-Vochem. The second image, made by Martin Greiner, shows the locomotive back in traffic again in Bad Waldsee yesterday (December 27).


Just a few more days and 2013 will come to end an end. 2013 was a special year and not only because it marked the start of MainlineDiesels.net in early April. During the last nine months we've received a tremendous amount of images, news and statistics from a lot of people. As a result we now have 1575 vehicles in our database and over 3600 images. Your help makes MainlineDiesels.net a success, which is really special in my opinion.

I would like to thank you all for a wonderful 2013 full of diesel power. Furthermore, I also wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014!

Maxime Bonnier

GBRf 66751, one of two Beacon Rail Class 66 locomotives that were previously in service on the European mainland, was released from Elektro-Motive Services International at Longport, Stoke-on-Trent on December 23. Subsequently, the machine was transported to the GBRf sidings at Tuebrook. It's likely that it will enter revenue services from there.

Some interesting images of both the exterior and the interior of 66750 (especially the modified cab desk) can be found here: link.


Alpha Trains 223 062, which is leased by the Regental Bahnbetriebs GmbH for its (loco-hauled) Alex passenger services in Southern Germany, has been sighted in Linz, Austria. At the Linz workshops the loco was subjected to a revision (Revision data: LZ | 20.12.2013).


Israel Railways 1315 has been spotted in Tel Aviv Central looking all shiny and new. This unit seems to be one of the latest additions to the fleet of EURO 3200 locomotives, of which 24 locomotives are to be delivered by Vossloh España.


December 19 was marked with the first success for Siemens and thus also the first success for the Siemens & Cummins partnership, that was announced earlier this month. The Illinois Department of Transportation has selected Siemens as preferred supplier for 35 passenger diesel locomotives.

The locomotives are designed to have a top speed of 200 km/h and Cummins "Tier 4" compliant QSK95 engines. A letter of intent has been signed, but the actual purchase still requires an actual contract. More details on Railwayage.com.

The Federal Railway Authority of Germany (Railcolor: EBA) has authorised the Bombardier Traxx P160 Diesel Multi-Engine locomotive in a record time of just 11 weeks. It is the first new vehicle to have passed the new authorisation process for rail technology in Germany.

Karl Runge, Vice President Group Authorisation Management, Bombardier Transportation, said: "This success is an important milestone in the development of the authorisation process in Germany and the TRAXX locomotive platform. I thank all those involved at EBA and our partners for their excellent cooperation. With this approval, we have taken an important step towards a more reliable authorisation process in Germany."

The new process is part of the Memorandum of Understanding on the reform of authorisation procedures for rail vehicles, which was signed by the Federal Ministry of Transport, the Federal Railway Authority and leading representatives of the German railway sector in June. The reform of the procedures permits operational testing of railway technology by private organizations to some extent. EBA is the body that legally ratifies all authorisation of rail technology in Germany.

An image of the locomotive, now wrapped in black plastic. The recovery of this locomotive is going to be a logistic challenge. A crane is needed to get it out of there. Also, it is next to a single track line, so recovery should not obstruct regular services.


Velim is currently host to various modern locomotives. Besides Bombardier with Railpool Traxx AC3 187 004 and a prototype AC3 locomotive, also Vossloh Espana is present. The image shows UKLIGHT Beacon Rail / DRS 68001 together with EUROLIGHT 284 001. 68001 will remain at Velim for dynamic trials for the next three months. Delivery of the unit to DRS is scheduled for the second quarter of 2014.

Loading the ballast trains for the LGV Est phase 2. Co-starring: the ETF Class 66s.

Thanks for the tip KAR.

In about nine months it's time for InnoTrans 2014 again. Four editions earlier, in 2006, MRCE 653-06 was present on the outdoor exhibition grounds. Unfortunately, the locomotive had an accident in Barendrecht, the Netherlands on September 24, 2009. Afterwards, it served as a spart part dispender at the Shunter B.V. workshop at Waalhaven Zuid, Rotterdam until it was scrapped in 2011.


Series production of the Traxx Multi Engine for DB Regio is well on its way. Direct prove are these images of the fresh and new 245 006.


With multiple units in the fleet of On Site Rail France (OSR) being unavailable, Akiem 75101 is hired by OSR to reinforce the fleet for some while. The image shows the locomotive passing Rivecourt with train 61186 (Tergnier - Grandpuits).

Note that it's the first Prima in OSR's fleet with approval for F/D. All other Prima's in the fleet are homologated for France only.


Since November 11, DB Schenker 247 031-8 is back with Euro Cargo Rail as 77031

The image shows 247 031 back in July, when it was still in service for DB Schenker Rail Deutschland.



Yesterday, freight operator Direct Rail Services (DRS) announced that the first Class 68 in DRS livery was presented at the Vossloh production facility in Valencia. Images can be found here: link. Time for a short recap: what's the current status of the Beacon Rail / DRS Class 68 order?

Last month unit 68001 was released from Spain and brought to the Czech Republic. Currently, it's performing dynamic trial runs at the VUZ Velim test facility, which will take about three months. Afterwards, the locomotive will return to Vossloh in Valencia, prior to its delivery to the UK in the second quarter of 2014.

Although we knew that 68002 was under construction for some time, it remained very quiet about this locomotive throughout 2013. Delivery of the locomotive is now scheduled for early 2014: a nice New Year's gift for the UK.

But what about 68003-68015? Well, no information on those yet, but we assume that the construction of those units is well underway. At least a third unit exists in an advanced stage of construction.


A curious accident today at the line Thessaloniki - Athens. An intercity, pulled by OSE 220 032, ran into a herd of cows. Two cows standing on the single track line were hit and the train derailed, albeit at low speed. The locomotive and two passenger cars derailed. No casualties reported until now. Images and more information here: link.

After adding all the Renfe 333.3 series to our database, we thought it was time for the ONCF DH 400 series. The DH 400 series is officially known under its type name NGT26CW-3wNFORCE. The locomotives are being built for ONCF in Kroatia by TZV Gredelj (commissioned by NREC). DH 401 - 415 have a maximum speed of 100 km/h, DH 416 and higher are able to reach 140 km/h. Oh, and they sound great, just check the video.

RheinCargo has another Class 66 locomotive on lease since August. It concerns former EGP 29001, which is now in service as RheinCargo DE 687. The loco is property of Ascendos Rail Leasing.

The first of 15 UKLIGHT locomotives for Beacon Rail / DRS has arrived in Velim for dynamic testing. Locomotive 68001 still wears its white base livery, but with additional Vossloh logos, which reminds of the livery carried by EURO 3200 no. 1301. For an image of 68001 performing tests on the Velim test ring, check this article on Railvolution.net: link.

The locomotive will probably have some company of EUROLIGHT locomotive 284 001, which was on route to the Czech Republic some about a week ago.

You may have noticed, the Siemens diesel Vectron is on the move again. At the end of November the machine was performing homologation runs around Düsseldorf. On 01.12.2013, the locomotive was seen in Dresden together with Vectron 193 822.

Yesterday, 247 901 arrived in Graz [AT]. In the next period it will run on the Graz-Köflacher Bahn network testing the brake system. As those tests require specific ambient conditions, there is no end date for now. The planning will be very dependent on the weather conditions.


Interesting: Vossloh 284 001 has been on the move again. On 25 November it was seen at Kiel heading south towards Rathmannsdorf, close to the border with the Czech Republic. Our guess: It is heading for / has ended up in Velim for dynamic testing.


Another EURO 3200 for Israel Railways has been sighted in revenue service: Vossloh 2648 - IR 1308.

In total IR has 24 EURO 3200 locomotives on order. At least 1303 to 1308 have been seen in revenue service. If 1302 already exists is still unknown to us. During the first half of the year 1301 (white livery / Vossloh logos) was testing in Velim, is it still there?


Today Siemens and Cummins announced their partnership for the construction of Tier 4 compliant passenger diesel locos. The locomotives will be designed for speeds up to 200 km/h and will have the newly developed, 16-cylinder Cummins QSK95 diesel engine on board, delivering a power rating of nearly 3000 kW. Production will take place in California at Siemens' Sacramento production facilities. An extensive report can be found on RailwayAge.com.

MRCE 653-09 is currently on hire to ETF Services for work on the LGV Est. ETF has decorated the locomotive by adding some stickers with the company logo, quite a lot of them actually. What the machine currently looks like? Check out this link for some images of the machine, a second MRCE Class 66 in service for ETF and more about the construction works.

66750 has performed its first revenue services for GBRf. The locomotive has been sighted operating working several coal trains after being released from EMSI at Longport, Stoke-on-Trent on 26 November.

After loosing the information grid (containing for instance its German registration number and country approval) for the installation of newer windows with enhanced sound insulation, it seems this has been added again. It still carries its blue Beacon Rail livery as shown on the image, which was taken at Stoke-on-Trent in late October.


Some serious diesel variation at Cholsey on 22 November with various freight and infrastructure workings. From container trains to RHTT (Rail Head Treatment Train / sandite application) workings, it will all look a bit different here when the electrification of the Great Western Main Line (which starts soon at Cholsey) is finished and the wires are up.

(Peter Lovell)

EMD 20038545-1 - Captrain 6602 is used by ITL Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH from Dresden at the moment. An image of the locomotive working an ITL service in Berlin on 28 November can be found here: link.


Freightliner PowerHaul 70014 is back in service after being under repair for more than a year due to fire damage.

Akiem Prima's 75109 and 75110 have been sighted in Cottbus on 27 November. From 2011 to 2012 these two locos were in service in Slovakia for BRKS. In 2012 they were transported back to France, because BRKS didn't fulfull its financial obligations. Remarkable is that both units still sport the Fret SNCF liveries without logos. The question is now: why are both units in Cottbus now and how long have they already been there? If you know more, feel free to contact us by email.


On 22 November we reported about a new 753.6 locomotive in CZ LOKO company colours: 753.604-8. After 753.601-603, which were delivered to operator SD-KD, 753.604 will most likely remain property of the manufacturer and will be available for rent by interested operators. Thanks to Vojtěch Jirman we now also have the first images of this machine.

PS: Soon we will also open a section about this locomotive type on MLD.

One of HGK's two owned Class 66 locomotives was involved in an accident on 8 November. That day HGK DE 62 hit a car on a railway crossing in Erfurt. Afterwards, it was taken to the HGK depot at Brühl-Vochem for repairs. During the presentation of HGK's new Traxx DE locomotives on 21 November, DE 62 was also present. The images, made by Karl Arne Richter, show the locomotive during repairs.

On 21 November DB Schenker 66174 derailed close to Robeston.

CZ LOKO 753.604 is finally there. Yesterday the locomotive was spotted in a CZ Loko red/grey livery on the Czech network. According to K-report, 753.604 will stay property of CZ LOKO and then rented out to interested operators. Images can be found here and here.

Ever since former PowerHaul demonstrator 70099 was renumbered into 70801, there have been rumours about Colas Rail wanting to order 10 PowerHaul locomotives from GE. 10 is a well-known number, as Lloyds TSB/Freightliner never exercised their full order of 30 locomotives. The British operator only took delivery of 19 units (70001-70020, minus damaged 70012). The rumours got stronger and although unofficially confirmed, official confirmation was not given up until now.

Although we reported about it some months ago, Railway Gazette now officially brings the news that Colas Rail has placed an order for 10 PowerHauls. All locomotives will be assembled at GE's production facility in Erie, Pennsylvania and will enter service in 2014. Read more here: railwaygazette.com.

That the new locomotives will be assembled in Erie, USA and not in Turkey at GE's European partner Tulomsas is no surprise. When the Freightliner order was downsized, four locomotives would have already been partially constructed. It is likely that the parts of the remaining locomotives were also already present in Erie.

Update: it has been indicated that former demonstrator loco 70801 is part of the order for 10 locos, which would mean that there will be no 70811.

The Takargo EURO 4000 locomotives are still performing their duties well. The image above, made by Javier Hervás, shows Takargo 6003 with a TECO train from Constantí, Spain to Sao Martinho do Campo, Portugal at Reus on 09 November 2013.

Did you know that Takargo and Comsa also established the joint-venture Ibercargo Rail SA back in 2009 for joint cross-border operations between Spain and Portugal? Since a couple of months, Ibercargo Rail also has two Alpha Trains EURO 4000s available: 335 020-4 and 335 021-2.


HHPI's PowerHaul story continues now the second PowerHaul for the German operator has arrived at the Port of Antwerp. Yesterday (2013-11-20) the locomotive, numbered as 29009, was transported from Antwerp to Schaarbeek as can be seen here: link.


More news about locomotives from Valencia today. We've received a first sighting of EURO 3200 no. 1307 in service of Israel Railways. It seems that at least 1304 - 1307 are now in present in Israel.

Meanwhile, we're also adding some predecessors of the EURO 3200 locomotives to the database. It concerns the JT42BW and JT42CW Prima locomotives, of which respectively 48 and 8 units were delivered by Alstom/Vossloh Valencia between 1996 and 2006. Keep an eye out for more additions on the update page.

Today Vossloh released a press statement with the news that ETF has ordered two EURO 4000 locomotives. ETF intends to use them for trains with raw materials during the construction of high speed lines (LGV Est and Tours-Bordeaux) in France. The ETF order will bring the total number of EURO 4000 locomotives operating in France to 28. Delivery is expected before the summer of 2014.

The complete press statement by Vossloh (in German):

Valencia, November 2013. Das französische Eisenbahnverkehrsunternehmen ETF hat bei Vossloh España eine Bestellung über zwei EURO 4000 Lokomotiven für den Güterverkehr platziert. Die Schienenfahrzeuge werden künftig im Transport von Rohmaterialien für den Bau von Eisenbahnstrecken eingesetzt.

ETF plant, die Lokomotiven noch vor Sommer 2014 auf den eigenen Hochgeschwindigkeitsbaustellen – so z. B. auf der osteuropäischen Hochgeschwindig-keitsstrecke (HSL East) und der Hochgeschwindigkeitsstrecke zwischen Tours–Bordeaux – in Betrieb zu nehmen. Mit der Trasse zwischen Paris und Budapest entsteht die längste Hochgeschwindigkeitsstrecke in Europa.

Mit nunmehr 28 verkauften Lokomotiven festigt die EURO 4000 ihre Position im französischen Markt. Das innovative Fahrzeug überzeugt durch seine Vielseitigkeit, die moderne Technologie und erfüllt die aktuellen Umweltrichtlinien.

Die EURO 4000 von Vossloh España ist die leistungsstärkste, in Europa produzierte dieselelektrische Lokomotive. Sie wurde vor allem für den Einsatz von sehr schweren und langen Frachtzügen konstruiert und erreicht Spitzengeschwindigkeiten von 120 km/h, wodurch sich die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und Effizienz ihrer Betreiber erhöht.


We already have the 744.0 and 753.6 series in our database for a while now. However, CZ LOKO lacked an own section on the site with an overview of the locos and all related news. Now the first parts are online, mainly introducing CZ LOKO and pre-series locomotive 744 001.

For the 753.6 series we still miss some good pics, can you help us out? Then contact us here or via mail.

Apparently, PESA is currently giving some BR 231 locomotives an overhaul. For BR231-063 this resulted in a fresh light blue look. An impression: link. Did you know there is an entire site (+database) about this locomotive type? See www.br232.com.

Today we received some nice impressions of Vossloh EURO locomotives in the wild, made by Karl Arne Richter. We don't get a lot of images of these locomotives, so it's time for some extra attention for these locos.

Today we opened a new section for the JT42CWR, the base version of the Class 66 type. HGK's DE 61 & 62 are the first two locos of their type that are presented there (link).

We'll be adding more orders to the JT42CWR "order" page (link) soon, so keep an eye out for updates!

The tender for the delivery of 10 new diesel locomotives from late January, which was cancelled in August, has been renewed by PKP IC. Of the bidders, Vossloh España didn't comply to the tender specifications, while PESA's maintenance costs were found too low to be plausible and Newag's offer too expensive.

For more details, check out Eurailpress.de: link.

Just a nice picture of RTS 2016 908 in its former stock loco white livery, perfectly blending in with its frosty surroundings in November 2011. Currently, 2016 908 sports the well-known orange RTS livery. Picture by Norbert Tilai.

Today we received some nice images from Norway, made by Knut Ragnar Holme. The big image shows Beacon Rail / CargoNet 0312 005-0 on its way at Fredrikstad with three other CargoNet EURO 4000s, pending delivery to CargoNet in June 2010. The smaller images show CargoNet 312 001 (l) in active service at Lillestrom in October 2012 and RailCare T68 902 (r) in service for CargoNet last September.

DB Schenker Rail UK 67003 in Arriva blue with its yellow Network Rail test train at Hartford yesterday (6 November). A nice and colorful combo now days are getting shorter and autumn weather really kicks in. (MB)

Beacon Rail / GBRf 66751 has been transported from Electro-Motive Service International (EMSI) at Longport, Stoke-on-Trent to Derby by GBRf 66735. Just like 66750's visit recently, the purpose of 66751's visit is tyre turning.

Currently we're puzzled by a little mystery. MRCE 653-02, as shown on the image, was on hire to ERS Railways as 6615 from October 2010 until November 2011 and has been on hire to HGK / Rheincargo as DE 681 since 1 January this year. However, the image shows 653-02 working a freight train on 22 October 2011. But to who was it leased?

Our guess is that it was in service for RTS, based on the orange wagons. Do you know more? Contact us here: link.

Solved: The machine was indeed on hire to RTS. At the time, it was used for transports of excavation material, that came free during the construction of the Kaiser Wilhelm Tunnel near Cochem. More images of the loco in RTS service here: link. (HZ)

Yesterday morning, Crossrail PB 12 derailed at Wilsele, Belgium. Together with the locomotive, three wagons derailed as well. The result is damage to four switches and more than 100 sleepers. To what extent PB 12 is damaged remains unclear for now. Infrabel estimates that regular rail traffic between Leuven and Mechelen is not possible before thursday. For more info and images, check this link: Nieuwsblad.be.

The London Underground celebrates its 150th anniversary and GBRf has given two of its Class 66s a brand new livery for the occasion. Locos 66718 and 66721 were presented during a ceremony at London Victoria station. There, 66718 was officially named "Sir Peter Hendy CBE".



Just a nice image to start a lazy sunday morning with. It shows Akiem 75039 in its new ETF livery at Amiens yesterday (2013-11-02), where Peter Lovell captured it on camera.

Did you know you can find more than 1300 diesels in the MLD database? Not all locomotives are listed in the menu on the left yet, but can be found using the site's search tool. Some examples: the CZ Loko built 744.0 and 753.6 series, various Class 66s and the Bombardier (Adtranz) Blue Tiger.

For our German speaking fans: did you also know that our entire database, the website's main functions (e.g. the search tool) and some content pages are available in German too? Simply switch from "EN" to "DE" in the top right corner of the page.

Looking for a quick overview of your images on MainlineDiesels.net? Check out the "My Gallery" page, select the first letter of your last name and click on your name to view them.

Those who have searched for them, could already find Akiem's seven JT42CWRM locomotives in our database. Now, they have their own section as well, containing news and an overview of all seven machines.

Check it out here: link.

Ex-PowerHaul demonstrator 70099, now Colas Rail 70801, has received yellow fronts.

On 25 October, Beacon Rail / GBRf 66750 was transported back from Derby to Electro-Motive Services International (EMSI) in Longport, Stoke-on-Trent by GBRf 66705.


Some time ago we reported about Beacon Rail / GBRf 66750, which was undergoing modifications for use on the British network. On 22 October, it was released by Electro-Motive Services International without Rush Rail branding and brought to Derby Etches Park Depot for tyre turning. 66747 - 66749 did the same shortly before entering service, so also for 66750 this moment seems to be close. It's expected that 66750 stays at Derby until at least tomorrow.


On 22 October, DB Fernverkehr released a tender for the delivery of 7 to 10 new diesel locomotives with an option to double the number of locomotives of the fixed order. A minimum power rating of 2700 kW is required in combination with a minimum top speed of 140 km/h. Further specifications are a minimum starting tractive effort of 270 kN, Stage IIIB emission standard compliance and D2 axle-load clearance. Also, the locomotives should be prepared for ETCS.

View the complete tender on ted.europa.eu: link.

MLD analysis: There aren't that many diesel locomotives that comply to these requirements. The Bombardier TRAXX DE, Siemens Vectron DE and Pesa GAMA diesels are too light (up to 2400 kW).

Voith's Maxima platform, which it seems to have (partly) abandoned, could be strong enough, but is too slow (up to 120 km/h). This also applies to GE's PowerHaul locomotive.

So what's readily available in the market then? Vossloh's EURO 4000 passenger variant is strong and fast, but doesn't meet the EU IIIB requirement. However, the EUROLight is able to meet all requirements with a 2800 kW motor, a starting tractive effort of 300 kN, a top speed of 140 km/h and an optional EU IIIB emission compliance.

Of course, also custom made products are possible. The future will learn us what the market comes up with.

Today, we received the image above from John Morear, showing PowerHaul 70012 at the Seaforth docks in Liverpool late June 2011. The loco in question was never delivered to Freightliner as such, since it was dropped on the quay during its unloading on 5 January 2011. It was sent back to GE Transportation in Erie, Pennsylvania. After being straightened it was used for evaluation and worker training. Its current status is unknown to us.

Delivered up until now are units 70001 - 70011 and 70013 - 70020, so a total of 19 units. The Freightliner order originally counted 30 units, but 70021 - 70030 were never delivered. It now appears that Colas Rail has stepped in and will take on this batch of 10.

Of course, there is another unit we didn't mention yet: former Turkish and British demonstrator unit DE 37001 / 70099. This loco now carries number 70801 and most likely is the first locomotive for Colas Rail. 70021 - 70030 are expected to come into service as 70802 - 70811. First delivery of the new Colas Rail PowerHauls is expected before the end of the year.

An overview per unit can be found through this link: click!

Today we received this nice image by Antoine Morval, showing OSR 75015 and OSR 75007 with a rake of empty bulk wagons as train 63550 Tergnier-Haut Banc today. It concerns a new traffic flow of stones between Caffiers and Tergnier.

Beacon Rail T66K 714, which was previously leased to CFL Cargo Danmark, will be operated by Cargolink from November. It's been authorised to run in Norway and will receive some minor modifications. Examples are a wheel flange lubrication system for the tight curves in the Norwegian network and anti-elk protection for the air taps. The loco's livery has changed as well. It's now Cargolink blue with red and white Cargolink logos, as can be seen here: link.

The lease of T66K 714 brings the total number of Class 66 locomotives in Cargolink's fleet to three. The company also hires T66 403 and T66 404 from Beacon Rail Leasing.

(KAR / Beacon Rail)

Diesel power working through Stafford in British weather, by Peter Lovell.

PowerHaul GE TLMGE 004 - HHPI 29008 was tranported to Athus on the 11 October. In the meanwhile dynamic trials have commenced. Antoine Morval sent us this image, showing the locomotive at Arlon [B] after a trial run between Marbehan and Arlon yesterday (2013-10-18).

In the near future HHPI will receive between two and six PowerHaul locomotives from GE Transportation. Together with GE, HHPI plans to get it certified for operations in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands.

RL001 has been returned by Captrain to Ascendos Rail Leasing and is now in service for Railtraxx. So not for Crossrail Benelux as we mistakenly reported. Our apologies

The image shows RL001 on 03.07.2013, its third day with Captrain, at Berchem.


Good news: the news feeds in the locomotive sections and the site search are working 100% okay again.

After Akiem / ETF 75022, now also 75039 is white. The image (by Antoine Leclercq) shows Akiem / ETF 75039 at the Longueau depot on 14 October.

We wonder, is the third loco (Akiem / ETF 75024) also white with ETF logos?

After being parked at Torino-Orbassano for about a year, EuroLight 284 002 finally made its first test run on Italian tracks today. Giuseppe Russo caught this milestone on video.

On 5 October an open day was held at the depot in Longueau, France. All different Prima DE liveries were lined up for the occassion. From left to right:

SNCF Infra 675077, SNCF 475462, OSR 75015, ETF 75022 and AKIEM 75031.

TLMGE 004 - HHPI 29008(II), the PowerHaul locmotive which recently appeared in Belgium, was moved in freight train from Antwerp to Athus today. According to Wallorail.be, the locomotive will perform trials between Athus and Bertrix next week.

According to the Vossloh website, the Valencia based manufacturer is to supply 50 EURO Dual locomotives to South African leasing company Swifambo. But that's not all. 20 EURO 4000 locomotives are part of the €250m deal as well.

The locomotives will be leased to South African operator PRASA and will be used to modernise passenger services according to this article: link. A remarkable fact is that the article was published back in August 2012 and already mentioned the purchase of 88 Dual locomotives. However, it seems that the order has been slightly reduced to a total of 70 locomotives. All 70 units are to be delivered between 2014 and 2016 according to Railwaygazette.com.

We had almost forgotten about EUROLight demonstrator 284 002 in Torino, Italy. There hasn't been a lot of news about it lately and neither about 284 001, which should still be in Germany. So it's time for a recent picture of unit 284 002 to get it back into the spotlights, not from the outside, but from the inside for a difference. Thanks to Giovanni Grasso.

We've been working hard to get the last EURO 4000 locomotives online that were still missing on MainlineDiesels.net: the Alpha Trains 335 series. If you find any mistakes or have more up to date info about the these machines, don't hesitate to contact us.

For a complete overview of all EURO 4000 orders until now, check out this handy page: link.

Today we opened another section about EURO 4000 locomotives. It contains the units that are owned by Beacon Rail Leasing and are leased to CargoNet from Norway, as well as Europorte and VFLI from France.

You can find all 20 units here: link.

Today we received some nice images, made by Ron Groeneveld in Amsterdam this year. They show the many faces of HGK / Rheincargo operated Class 66s.

Akiem Prima 75022 carries ETF logos now. Together with 75024 and 75039 it's currently leased to French construction company ETF. Many thanks to Nicolas Villenave, who captured the loco on camera in Longeau today.

As from today, Macquarie's three JT42CWRM locomotives have their own section on MainlineDiesels.net. You can find them here: link.

MRCE ER 20-005 is currently in service for OHE Cargo. The image shows the unit back in 2008.

Yesterday, DB Schenker 66185 was named at the DP World London Gateway terminal. It's name? Well, "DP World London Gateway" of course!

With the presentation of the first PowerHaul for the European mainland at the InnoTrans 2012 trade fair in Berlin, GE Transportation announced to enter the European market for heavy diesel locomotives.

Now, one year later, the plans of GE are becoming reality. Several units have now been assembled by Tulomsas and touched down on European tracks last year. The latest arrival was in the form of HHPI 29008 (II), which apparently is a brand new unit.

An overview of all known PH37ACi locomotives:

TLMGE 001 - HHPI 29008 (I):
Presented on InnoTrans 2012, it is currently at GE's facility in Erie, USA for evaluation.
TLMGE 004 - HHPI 29008 (II):
Arrived in Belgium last September, it awaits homologation process in Schaerbeek.
TLMGE 00x - no number:
Seen in Sweden performing dynamic trial runs last June, it has a grey/yellow off-factory livery.

Based on the factory numbers, we assume that at least three PH37ACi units have been assembled in Turkey until now. Possible candidates for the TLMGE 002 and 003 works numbers are the Swedish loco and perhaps British demonstrator loco 70099/70801

Yesterday morning a freight train loaded with Fiat 500 cars ran into the end of an other freight trein at Remersdaal, Belgium. Three of the wagons loaded with Fiats derailed, went straight through the railing and dropped 20 to 25 meters. Fortunately, nobody got hurt, but material damage is big.

Looking at this article (link), it seems that Crossrail DE 6313 is involved in the accident.

Peter Lovell was in Cholsey yesterday and captured British modern diesel variety on camera.

On 18.04.2011, MRCE 561-3 / ERSR 6611 was used for testing the Eurobalises on the Iron Rhine (Dutch: IJzeren Rijn) border section between Weert [NL] and Neerpelt [BE]. These balises command ETCS-equipped locomotives to do a transition from ATB [NL] to Memor [B] or vice versa. Thanks to Harald S., we also have some images to illustrate the tests.

This part of the Iron Rhine was reactived some years ago, but it isn't exactly known for a high number of passing trains. Only the part between Budel-Schoot and Neerpelt sees regular freight traffic from/to Nyrstar Budel. On the day of the tests, 6611 was the first train between Budel-Schoot and Weert in three months time. Nowadays, the border section is still hardly used.

By opening the section on Railcare's two 68.9 series locomotives, 7 of the 9 operators of the EURO 4000 locomotive type have their own section now. Next on our to do list are: Beacon Rail Leasing and Alpha Trains Iberia.

You can find the section by clicking on the image or by clicking here: link.

Today, Wallorail.be reports about a PowerHaul locomotive in Schaerbeek, Belgium. According to Wallorail, the loco is destined for HHPI and will probably perform homologation runs in Belgium soon.

MLD: If the corresponding images are accurate, then unit 29008 is back. We know this locomotive from the InnoTrans 2012 railway trade fair in Berlin. Afterwards it was transported to the United States, where it was tested and evaluated at GE's production facility in Erie, Pennsylvania for about a year. However, the roof and front parts of this loco where blue during the trade fair and some of the stickers are different or differently positioned. So this raises the question: is it really the same locomotive?

GBRf is slowly fitting more Class 66 locomotives with new cabside windows. Next to modifications to enable use on the British network (driver desk, lights and train protection system), 66750 (266 025) is currently receiving two-section windows instead of the three-section ones. The modifications are performed by Electro-Motive Services International (EMSI) at Longport, Stoke-on-Trent.

Units 66733 - 66737 have been fitted with new windows earlier.

In the past weeks also 66716 and 66717 paid Longport a visit for maintenance and window refitting. For 66716 and 66717 a paint job into the current Europorte/GBRf livery was included. 66716 has been outshopped (see: link), whilst the repainting of 66717 should still be in process. - CS

It has been indicated that the new windows, which are the same as the ones in the JT42CWRM type, provide better sound insulation than their predecessors. They comply to TSI Noise regulations.- MK

As from today our site's database contains 30 Adtranz/Bombardier Blue Tiger locomotives, which were allocated to partnersite Rangierdiesel.de before. 10 of these locos are in service for German operators OHE, HVLE (see image) and ITL. The other 20 locos have been delivered to Malaysian operator KTMB, where they run on metre gauge.

Since our regular search tool is currently unavailable, we advice to use the "Advanced search" below and use the search term "DE-AC33C" in the "Manufacturers" box to find them. In the near future, this locomotive can be found via the menu on the left as well.

Another section is now open. The Continental Rail owned locos (and all news about them) are gathered here: link.

IntEgro 223 144 had a nice task today. It was used for hauling a charter train from Freiburg (Breisgau) to Ravensburg. Yannick Hauser captured this colorful combo on image at Niederschopfheim.

We've opened another section on MLD. It's about Takargo's EURO 4000 locomotives, better known as the 6000 series in Portugal. Click on the image to view it or check it out here: link.

On August 20, IR 1306 was seen on transport through Spain. It was transported by road from the Vossloh factory in Albuixech to the port of Valencia, from where it was shipped to Israel. For an image, check out this link.

Good news for our Spanish fans (and all others of course!): today we've opened a brand new section about COMSA's EURO 4000 locomotives. Check it out by clicking on this link or click on the image.

Click on the image to get a larger image and to navigate through more pictures of the scrapping of 66734 at Loch Treig (by Mike Thomson). It remained there ever since its derailment in July 2012. Due to its inconvenient location, recovery was too expensive.

Some short news from France: it seems that ETF has hired Akiem 75022, 75024 and 75039 for use on construction trains. The latter one was previously hired by Veolia Transdev.

According to IRJ, DRS has confirmed their order for 10 Vossloh dual-mode locomotives. Just like the Class 68 UKLight diesels, Beacon Rail Leasing will be the owner of the locos and will subsequently lease them to Direct Rail Services. First deliveries are expected for 2015.

The dual-modes, which are to be designated as Class 88, will have a lot in common with the Class 68 diesel locomotives. Not only will bodyshells and cabs be alike, but also the braking system and bogies, as well as various computer and traction systems.

Class 88s are true “Dual Mode” locomotives combining both 25kv Electric and Diesel Electric operating modes. Key features of the Class 88 locomotive include 4MW ABB equipment delivering a continuous electric power rating on the 25KV network, 700kW diesel engine for work away from overhead network (delivering 317KN of Tractive Effort in both modes), Superior adhesion capacity, Nominal 100mph top speed, 500KW ETH rating and Regenerative braking.

Read more about it on Railcolor.net: link.

Time for a little update about the recent issues with the website. There is some "good and bad" news. On the upside: we're back online! If you're experiencing issues viewing it, please try F5 or CTRL+F5.

The bad part is that our website's search tool doesn't return search hits anymore. Our technical webmaster is currently looking into this error. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Today we opened a brand new section, which lists all EURO 4000 locos owned by Europorte France. You can find it here: link.

The section about Ferrovial's 335 series has been opened some time ago, but that event wasn't anounced on the site. Check it out here: link.

DRS is to receive 10 new locomotives from Vossloh. In stead of additional Class 68 UKLight locomotives, the rail operator from Carlisle is to receive 10 dual-mode locos, which are to be designated as Class 88. DRS is launching customer for Vossloh dual-mode locomotives. The Class 88 will be suitable for 25kV overhead power and has an additional 1250 hp diesel engine. - RI

MLD: An impression was made by Railcolor.net with the EURO 4000 DUAL as a starting point, although we expect the Class 88 to be based on the Class 68 design.

We've already reported it on August 21st, but GBRf have confirmed their order for 8 new Class 66 locomotives. The 8 units will be part of a larger order of about 23 locomotives for Progress Rail. The entire batch is to be delivered before the end of 2014, the 8 GBRf units are due to arrive in August 2014. It is the first new order for Class 66 locomotives since the one for SETRAG from Gabon.

Some nice impressions of PCW 7 hauling rakes of modern Alstom and Siemens electrics on August 24th:

Europorte France has indicated that it's standardising its fleet and that it has chosen for EURO 4000 locos in favour of G2000 locos. In this light, the recently delivered 4023 - 4026 were added to the fleet. Europorte now operates a total of 20 EURO 4000 locomotives, both leased via Beacon Rail Leasing (8) and owned by Europorte France itself (12).

The title of this news item already gives away what the effect will be for some of the Vossloh G2000 locos currently operated by the French operator. Europorte expects to have returned most of them to leasing company Alpha Trains by the end of this year.

It seems that Vossloh España has already rolled out another Euro 3200 last July. For an image of 1305, click here: link.

Thanks to David Haydock, we now know that there are at least five MRCE Class 66 locomotives used during the second construction phase of the LGV Est in France. They are used by ETF for construction trains to support track laying between Baudrecourt and Vendenheim. All units seemed to have primarily been in service in the Netherlands earlier.

Of these 5 (or more) locos, the following numbers are known:

EMD 20038513-9 - MRCE 513-9 - 92 80 1266 036-3 D-DISPO

EMD 20038561-2 - MRCE 561-2 - 92 80 1266 039-7 D-DISPO

EMD 20038561-3 - MRCE 561-3 - 92 80 1266 040-5 D-DISPO

EMD 20038561-4 - MRCE 561-4 - 92 80 1266 041-3 D-DISPO

EMD 20048653-009 - MRCE 653-09 - 92 80 1266 119-7 D-DISPO

Some interesting developments concerning two Vossloh products. It seems that a second Euro 3200 for the Israelian Railways has been delivered: 1304. It can be seen in service together with 1303 in the video above. According to Railwaygazette.com both units arrived last June and scheduled services are planned for late 2013. These services are planned as 160 kph services, but the locos are capable to reach 190 kph (200 kph with minor modifications).

We've received some indications/rumours that construction of the first UKLight locomotive (68001) is nearing completion. Vossloh España should also be working on a second locomotive, foreseen as 68002.

Two days ago we presented you with some older news about 66747, 66748 and 66749 being modified for use in the UK. It has been confirmed that all units are now in revenue service. 66747 has been in use from Whitemoor Yard, while 66748 and 66749 have been used for coal and biomass services from respectively Tyne Dock and Doncaster.

Next to some technical modifications for use on the UK network, also the exterior of the locos has changed a bit. All three units have been decorated with small GB Railfreight logos on their yellow front panels.

Some (older) news from earlier this month (07.08.2013) about 66747, 748 and 749. Modifications on these locos at the Midland Railway Centre in Butterley have been completed.

At the moment they are being used for crew training at various locations. It is understood that 66749 is also available for some first regular services and has already made scheduled runs on the UK network. It is also understood that 66747 was planned for a scheduled service as well, but failed due to an unknown issue.

Then take a look at an all new section about this series, where all news items and locomotives are listed. Check it out here: link.

MRCE ER 20-006 is leased to LTE from Austria. It has been on lease since 03.07.2013. - KAR

StLB's latest addition to fleet, ER 20-004, has received a new livery. The loco now has a white body with green elements and StLB logos. An impression can be found here and here.

In the meantime, Beacon Rail/GBRf 66751 has been transported to Longport, Stoke-on-Trent, where it will be prepared for use in the UK by Elektro-Motive Services International Ltd.. It could be seen in Stafford, awaiting further transfer to Longport, on the 12th (see image).

Of the 20+ new Class 66, which are to be delivered from 2014, 8 will have a career with GBRf.

On 28.07.2013, DB Schenker 247 029-2 had to save a stranded DB Regio BR146 with a rake of double deck coaches when a fallen tree brought the overhead wires down. An image of this remarkable combination in Bielefeld can be found here: link.

PowerHaul demonstrator loco 70099 has been transported from Eastleigh Depot to Colas Rail's depot at Cardiff Canton on 05.08.2013. It's expected that Colas will test it in active service.

It was quiet for a while, but after a short summer holiday we're back. Thanks to Thiery Leleu and Luca Xavier Bozzo we can present you: Europorte 4026. An impression:

PS: Expect more updates in the next couple of days!

Site updates and contact form replies are less frequent the next couple of weeks due to the summer holidays. We'll try to get back on everything as soon as possible.

An EMD GT46AC locomotive at an unknown location. Picture by EMD.

Today, EMD announced an order for six metre-gauge GT46AC locomotives from Chile's Ferronor. “We are pleased that Ferronor selected the EMD GT46AC locomotive. The increased productivity and performance of our AC traction represents the latest in EMD technology. Compared to a six-axle DC locomotive, the AC traction system provides approximately 40 percent more tractive effort, allowing locomotive unit replacement and much improved life cycle cost,” said Billy Ainsworth, EMD CEO.

To improve emissions and fuel economy, the 4,500 brake horsepower GT46AC locomotive offers a 16 cylinder 710G3C engine with electronic unit injection; variable speed cooling fans and traction motor blowers that optimize cooling while limiting parasitic load; and a split cooling radiator system.

Today we received some interesting pictures, which were made in Saint Jory by Thierry Leleu. He spotted the three recent additions to the Europorte fleet: 4023, 4024 & 4025.

Yesterday, on August 1st, Beacon Rail Leasing and Europorte France signed a sale and leaseback contract for four EURO 4000 locomotives.

The locomotives involved in the deal are 4013, 4014, 4015, 4016.

According to Bfoto, 66751 was transported by Crossrail DE6307 to Moeskroen in Belgium today. A picture of the loco at Moeskroen can be found here: link. It's not sure whether it will travel to the UK today or in the next couple of days.

Some time ago, we've already reported about Europorte 4023, which came out of the blue for us. Now another loco for Europorte has been spotted: 4025. Check it out here: link. We assume there is a 4024 for Europorte as well, as 4025 leaves a one number gap.

The image shows 4025 in Barcelona, Spain on 28th July (thanks to Javier Hervás).

Today we added a brand new section about British Class 67 locomotives to the website. All thirty locomotives are now available in our database as well. You can find them here: link.

PS: we're always looking for more info or images, so if you have any additions (or corrections), feel free to contact us.

It has been indicated that CZ Loko, a Czech rolling stock manufacturer, is currently working on a fourth 753.6 series diesel locomotive. We don't know who its future owner is yet, but it seems likely that it will enter service with SD. SD already operates 753 601-4, 753 602-2 and 753 603-0. 753.604 should be ready in October.

Austrian rail operator StLB has extended its fleet with another Siemens EuroRunner. The unit in question is ER 20-004, a former MRCE locomotive. After 2016 901 and 2016 902, it's the third EuroRunner for the Steiermärkische Landesbahnen. It can be seen in revenue service here.

The locomotive will keep its Dispolok colour scheme for now. Changes to its livery are foreseen for the second half of 2013. Source: Rail Business

Last Wednesday, E4022 was officially delivered to Beacon Rail Leasing and immediately leased to VFLI.

A little summer surprise: the latest locomotive for Europorte, numbered 4023, was seen running in France last Wednesday (17.07.2013). Without further notice it was completed by Vossloh for the French operator.

Construction of the Astana diesel engine plant has started. The plant, a joint operation by KTZ, GE Transportation and TransmashDiesel, will produce engines for locally built GE Evolution series locomotives, for the repowering of 2TE116 locomotives and for maritime purposes.

For the complete article, check Railwaygazette.com

The IL 1400 series now has is own section on MainlineDiesels.net, which makes it the first section for EURO 4000 locomotives. Check it out here.

The rumours that Colas Railfreight is to evaluate PowerHaul demonstrator 70099 are getting stronger. An order for ten of these locomotives would be considered by the British rail operator. If the order gets the go-ahead, then Colas Railfreight will be the second operator to order the PH37ACmi.

Freightliner, the launching customer of the PH37ACmi, has 19 units in service at this moment (70012 was dropped onto the docks). As the initial order was for 30 locomotives, it's unclear now if Freightliner will take delivery of the remaining units in the future or if Colas will take over this batch of ten.

Rotterdam Rail Feeding has returned their 513-8 to MRCE on 30.06.2013.

It has been indicated that Ascendos RL001 is in service with Captrain since yesterday. However, it's still unclear to us to which part of the Captrain group it's leased to (e.g. Captrain Belgium, Netherlands, Deutschland,...).

The modification of GBRf 66749 for use on the British railway network seems to be complete. The loco will now be extensively tested and used for driver training before entering regular service, because 66747 - 66749 will remain somewhat different from their British colleagues.

Crossrail Benelux finally has a DE 6313 in its fleet in the form of EMD 20058725-001 / ex-HGK DE 677. This unit is on lease since 27.06.2013.

The first locomotive that should have become DE 6313 F was never delivered as such and is now property of Akiem as 77507. The second loco that was to become DE 6313 is now part of the GBRf fleet in the form of 66748 and is currently being modified for services in the UK. Up till now there a gap remained between DE 6312 and DE 6314.

Seen today at Kassel Wilhelmshohe station, the newest Traxx DE ME released from factory, no. 245 004 together with two coaches and the light grey 146 553.


As from today the two Beacon Rail 266.4 series locomotives have their own section. Both locomotives are better known under their HHPI service numbers: 29001 and 29002.

You can find it here.

On 25 June 2013 a Velaro high speed train for Eurostar was transported from Aachen [DE] to Forest near Brussels [BE] by Crossrail PB 13. The Velaro, numbered 4002, consists of 16 cars and measures over 400 meters! In Forest 4002 will be prepared for homologation runs in Belgium.

René Hameleers caught PB 13 in action in Aachen West. An impression of the train on the Montzen Line can be found here

It looks like the second PowerHaul loco for the European mainland has commenced testruns in Sweden. The loco, which has been fitted with bundles of wires on both front ends, could be seen in een test train in Uppsala yesterday. For an impression, check out Postvagnen.com.

Today we've opened a small section for the JT42CWRM locomotives that are in service with the Egyptian National Railways.

A fleet list is present and any future news items will be gathered in it. The section can be found under EMD / Progress Rail in the menu to your left.

Today it was decided to split state operator RENFE into four different companies, according to Railwaygazette.com. There will be one company responsible for passenger operations and one for freight operations. Of the other two companies, one will provide rolling stock maintenance and the other will be active as a leasing company.

The fleet of leasing company ATF will consist of 51 trainsets (19 are high speed trains), 2 Talgo sets, 37 electrics, 12 diesel locos and 1.173 wagons. This makes a part of the former Renfe fleet available to other operators as well. Which locomotive types are involved in the transfer remains unknown for now.

Today, the brand new Traxx DE Multi Engine no. 245 004 left the Bombardier factory in Kassel. Remarkable is that several grids are not red, yet, but silver.


Some of you might have noticed that a small section has opened about the six Class 66 locomotive of Gabonese operator SETRAG. We'll slowly start adding more and more Class 66 sections to the website in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for new sections!

Next in line are the 40 Egyptian National Railways units. We received the first images of these units last week, an impression of one of these tough looking locos:

Back in 2008, on April 8 to be more precise, a ship arrived at the Newport Docks with 8 Class 66 locomotives on board. 5 of these units were for FirstGBRf (66728 - 66732) and 3 for Freightliner (66595 - 66597). A day later the unloading of the FirstGBRf units and 66595 took place. Richard Gennis was there to capture how these locomotives were lifted onto the docks. Thanks for the images Richard!

The last two units for VFLI have arrived in France and are currently in service. The images show E4021 and E4022 on their first day in France.

Today we've added a brandnew section to the website about Vossloh's UKLIGHT locomotive.

We don't receive pictures of the Lithuanian EuroRunners that often, so it's time again for some recently taken impressions. Thank you Mark Barber.

Today it was announced that Freightliner is to acquire ERS Railways from Maersk Line. The deal is closed, but is still awaiting an approval of the involved regulatory bodies. ERS will continue to operate intermodal services for Maersk in the coming years, so Maersk can focus on its deep sea network. For the complete press statement, check out this link.

MainlineDiesels.net: How the acquisition will influence ERS Railways' corporate identy remains unclear for now. ERS Railways mainly operates Siemens ES64F4 electrics, but also spot-hires Class 66 locomotives when needed.

Last friday (14.06.2013) E4022 for Beacon Rail/VFLI arrived in Hendaye, France. An image of it can be found here: link.

Apparently there is a second PowerHaul locomotive (European mainland version) and it showed up in Sweden yesterday. For an image check out this forum thread on Postvagnen.com

NB: Any additional info on this locomotive (for example its destination) is welcome as this unit is completely new to us.

Traxx DE Multi Engine locomotives 245 001, 002 and 003 are in Kassel right now. This morning the 001 and 002 went out for a trial run.


On 10.06.2013, the first Euro3200 locomotive, painted in the colours of the railways of Israel (IR), left the Vossloh factory in Valencia. The machine, with registration no. 1303, is the second machine of its type. The white 1301 is in Germany at the moment.

This news item also formed an excellent opportunity to open the new EURO 3200 section. You can find it under Vossloh in the menu on the left.

This afternoon the last Prima DE locomotives were added to the site. So all 200 locos are now present!

The first pictures of the newly added machines are coming in as well:

11.06.2013 - [EU] Short news

PowerHaul demonstrator 70099 was on the move again. It has been transported to Eastleigh, where it arrived on 07.06.2013. GBRf seems to have lost interest in evaluating the locomotive, most likely because they have chosen to expand their fleet solely with Class 66 locomotives. Colas Rail does seems to have an interest in it now.

Rush Rail liveried 66750, the latest addition to the GBRf fleet, has arrived in the UK overnight.

MRCE 561-2, which has previously been leased to Freightliner Poland as 66012, is in service with Railtraxx from Belgium now.

This link shows E4021, the fifth EURO 4000 for VFLI, which will do some acceptance runs in the next couple of days.

Multiple sources confirm that a new batch of Class 66s will be built for the UK market. The 23 locos in question will be quite similar to the JT42CWRM, especially when it comes to updated emission specifications. The 23 units are foreseen to enter service with various operators, with GBRf being one of them.

Many think this order is the first one for new Class 66 locomotives since the closure of EMD's London plant and the introduction of strict European emission standards. However, under Progress Rail also a batch of 4 new JT42CWRM locos was built for SETRAG from Gabon in 2011. The British batch is most likely to be built at Progress Rail's Muncie plant, just like the SETRAG units. Delivery of unit 23 is scheduled before December 2014.

A few months ago, a shiny blue locomotive could be seen in Krefeld [D]. The loco, numbered T664025, was foreseen for Rush Rail. However, on 07.06.2013 the loco was seen in Moeskroen [B] by Mattias Catry, carrying the number 66750 on its fronts. It's known that a 66750 and 66751 are to be added to GBRf's fleet, but which locos were involved remained unclear. The mystery behind 66750 is now solved, but unfortunately we don't have any indications for 66751's true identity yet. The only thing we do know, is that it will be a Beacon Rail loco as well.

Update: We have various indications now that the former HHPI 29006 (there is a new 29006 with HHPI now) will become GBRf's 66751.

In France, several companies are joining forces for the EU-financed Marathon-project. It started in 2011 and lasts three years.

"Marathon can show the effectiveness of operating faster, longer and heavier freight trains on selected European routes, driving the rail freight service modernization. The European manufacturing and logistics industry will derive substantial service and costs benefits from this innovative business approach becoming the target for full market up-take potential."

More concrete, at the end of 2013, test trains will be configured according to the Marathon principle. Two freight trains will be combined into one, operated from one locomotive. The second locomotive, somewhere in the middle of the train, will be operated from the leading machine using radio control. It results in one, 1500 meter long freight train.

Two Akiem BB 37000 locomotives, of which one will be revealed during the next t&l fair in Munich, will be configurated for the Marathon train, as well as two Vossloh Euro4000 diesel locomotives. They will haul a Kombiverkehr freight train from Sibelin shunt yard to Nimes. The tests will be conducted with eight commercial trains in total. - Source

MainlineDiesels.net: it has been indicated that the EURO 4000 locomotives to be used will be new locomotives, not existing ones.

Today the freshly delivered E4020 made an acceptance run to St Jory. Some images:

Currently we're adding more Prima DE locomotives to the database. Especially the number of BB 75400 locomotives has been growing steadily over the last couple of days. But that's not all, we're also introducing the JT42HW-HS to our site. This locomotive type is also known as Class 67 in the UK. Keep an eye out for more new units on the update page!

On 31.05.2013 a new Beacon Rail Euro 4000 was delivered, which will enter service as E4020 with VFLI in France. A picture of its unloading (it arrived by road) can be found here. Test runs to Bayonne and Saint Jory are planned for the coming days.

E4021 is planned to arrive in France on Friday the 7th of June and E4022 on Friday the 14th. Not only will all EURO 4000 units for VFLI be delivered with E4021 and E4022, it also means that all known orders for EURO 4000 locomotives will be fulfilled. However, it does not mean things will turn quiet in Valencia as Vossloh will still be busy building the 15 UKLIGHT locomotives for DRS and the 24 EURO 3200 AC locomotives for Israel.

EMD/Progress Rail is to supply up to 20 F125 Spirit passenger diesel locomotives for Metrolink Services in Southern California. All units are to be built at the Muncie locomotive plant in Indiana. Not only do the F125 locos comply with Tier 4 emission standards, they also would cut back emissions by 85% in comparison with the locomotives currently used.

The Metrolink units are designed for speeds up to 200 km/h and can be used for both commuter and intercity services. EMD's partnership with Vossloh resulted in a monocoque body design for the F125, as well as a crash energy absorbing cab for collision protection. Inside the loco a 4700 hp turbocharged Cat C-175 diesel engine with 20 cylinders can be found, providing power to AC traction motors.

More details on Railwaygazette.com

AKIEM 75010, which is on lease to OSR France, has received pink fronts. An impression can be found here. It's the second loco to receive this livery as AKIEM 75014 already received its pink cabs a month ago.

MRCE 653-05, which has been leased to HTRS since December 2011, is to receive six new axles in Germany. HTRS has been using 653-05 primarily for its dolime services up till now. A replacing Class 66 is foreseen until 653-05 is available again. Update: 513-9 is the replacing locomotive.

DB Schenker Rail UK 66185 has been repainted in a red DB livery according to WNXX.

Estonian Railway Services, a private freight operator from Estonia, is to receive 15 TE33A Evolution locomotives. The locomotives will be manufactured under licence from GE Transportation in Kazakhstan by JSC Lokomotiv Kurastyru Zauyty. More details on railwaygazette.com.

Yesterday, Freightliner 70018 was seen running from Brush Traction in Loughborough to Crewe Basford Hall. 70018 had been out of service for quite a while after it suffered a fire on April 5th 2012. One of the reasons for the loco being under repairs for so long was a lack of spares. This was partly solved by using parts of demonstrator loco 70099. A picture of 70018 back in service can be found here.

Some people noticed something strange in the data for Crossrail Benelux PB 03 and PB 13: they both have NVR-number 92 80 1266 018-1 D-XRAIL. Although it seems strange, it's not a mistake as both locos actually carried it on their sides.

It's understood that PB 13's number has been changed from 266 018 to 266 098, but we haven't been able to confirm this yet.

We've been online for just over a month now and we already have to increase the number of images in the daily update. As from 2013-05-22, you can find 16 new images a day on our website. Thanks for all your great contributions!

Today we received some nice images, which were taken by Torsten Frahn in Poland over the last two/three years. They give an impression of the DB Schenker Rail Polska Class 66 locos in everyday service. The DB Schenker Rail Polska fleet consists of 15 Class 66 at the moment, which originally entered service with EWS (now DB Schenker Rail UK) in the UK. Some locos still sport the EWS livery, the picture of 66173 clearly shows this. Others have been painted into DB corporate colours, like 66178 for example.

(Torsten Frahn)

According to this article, three companies placed a bid for the delivery of ten diesel locomotives to PKP IC. The companies involved were Vossloh España, Newag and PESA. In the end, PESA had the best bid, and thus will be supplying PKP IC with the ten diesels from 2015.

MainlineDiesels.net: PESA only has the Gama electric locomotive operating test services at the moment, so these passenger diesel locomotives seem to be a new development. The PESA website mentions the development of 2200 kW diesel locomotives, which are based on the Gama platform and have a maximum speed of 140 km/h. If the PKP IC locomotives will have these specifications as well, still remains unclear. Some sources speak of 2200 kW and 160 km/h in stead.

According to this picture link, Continental Rail hires EURO 4000 335 032 from Ferrovial. Continental Rail's 335 024 and 030 are/were out of service due to technical issues, which created the need for extra traction power.

07.05.2013 - [DE] Traxx parade

This afternoon in Kassel, a little Traxx parade: 76 102 and 245 001 went out for a trial run, 245 002 was also around. and last in row is Alpha Trains 185 525.


A nice portrait of PCT 223 154 in its colorful livery at the Hamburg Süd shunting yard: "Protect your car, save the environment".

Although our new Freightliner PowerHaul section has been online for just a couple of hours, we have already received some interesting pictures from Thomas Slade. He photographed Freightliner 70007 at London Kensington station when it returned from InnoTrans 2010. The brandnew PowerHaul locomotive was transported by rail from Berlin across the European mainland and via the Channel Tunnel back to the UK.

Well, actually the title tells the whole story. A new section is online, which presents you the Lloyds TSB / Freightliner Class 70 locomotives. With this section all built PowerHaul locomotives now have a section on MainlineDiesels.net. There are still some additions to the information planned, so keep an eye out for updates!

GE's PowerHaul demonstrator DE 37001 / 70099 now has its own section on the website. Check it out via the menu on the left. Stay tuned for more PowerHaul on MainlineDiesels.net, because the Freightliner Class 70 will receive its own section soon.

By the way, we're very interested in the works number and the year of construction of the PowerHaul locomotives. We would be very grateful if someone could help us out with this.

According to this article of Railway Gazette International the construction of the first Vossloh UKLight is well underway at Vossloh's Valencia plant. It's part of a batch of fifteen units to be delivered to Direct Rail Services (DRS) as Class 68. The locos are designed for a maximum velocity of 160 km/h and will be equipped for both passenger and freight services.
03.05.2013 - [DE/UK] Short news

Freightliner 66504 has received the last elements to complete its PowerHaul livery and is now in service. Can you find the differences with the Polish PowerHaul liveried locos?

Demonstrator 70099 was seen out in the open again. After weeks of being stored, it was moved from Loughborough to Crewe on 30.04.2013.

OHE 270082 was rented out to PCT, which resulted in action pictures like this one.

Logistics and freight transport company SNCF Geodis has agreed with COMSA to take a 25% share in the company. Next to that a partnership was formed by the two companies to establish more rail transport between Spain, France and Central Europe. Both companies intent to achieve this by taking advantage of the growing normal gauge network in Spain and the new Perpignan - Gibraltar corridor. Also the extension of VIIA, the SNCF motorway on rails, between Bettembourg [LU] and Le Boulou [FR] into Spain is being considered in the light of this partnership. -COMSA EMTE -

MainlineDiesels.net: How this influences the COMSA fleet, and especially the EURO4000 locomotives, is something the future will point out. What we do know is that the current modern locomotive fleet of COMSA (TRAXX DC / BITRAC / EURO4000) is entirely equipped for 1668 mm gauge. Possible futures might include rebuilding COMSA locomotives to 1435 mm, purchasing new locomotives for 1435 mm or homologation of existing SNCF/Akiem locomotives for Spain. We'll keep an eye out for any developments and keep you informed together with our friends of Railcolor.net.

All Prima DE locos of the BB 75100 series (equipped for DE/FR) are now available in the database. You can look them up via the search tool. The BB 75000 and BB 75400 series are not complete, but some units from these series can be found as well.
Akiem 75014, which is leased to OSR France, has received pink fronts and OSR logos. An impression can be found here.

On 2013-04-21 we showed you the three Class 66 locomotives, which were waiting in Tilburg to enter service with Veolia as 77501 - 77503. However, this never took place and they eventually ended up with Akiem, that leases them to VFLI. In Tilburg more Class 66 were present for customer specific adjustments, for example some locos of the ECR 77000 series and four Crossrail locomotives configurated for DE/BE/FR.

The Crossrail locomotives, which were numbered DE6310F - DE6313F, didn't see service with Crossrail either. Just like their Veolia counterparts they were eventually sold to Akiem, that leased them to VFLI as 77504 - 77507. The images above were made by Axel Schaer at Tilburg on 23.10.2009 and show the four Crossrail locomotives to the right. In the background Veolia 77502 is visible, accompanied by various ECR Class 66 locos to the left.

WNXX reports that Freightliner 66504 has received the Freightliner PowerHaul livery, but decals and numbers are still to be applied.

The livery, which was introduced with Freightliner's PowerHaul locomotives (Class 70), was already applied to various Freightliner Poland Class 66 locomotives. At the moment 66504 seems to be the only Freightliner Class 66 in the UK to have this paint scheme.

Update: a picture of it with decals and numbers, but not completely ready yet can be found here.

We didn't notice it up till now, but 2016 912 has received Stern & Hafferl decals. The pictures show the loco in its red base livery in July 2012 and its final livery yesterday.

During last weekend’s test drives on the line between Mühldorf and Markt Schwaben (Bavaria, Germany) the new Bombardier Traxx DE ME locomotive hauled as many as nine double deck cars in single traction while at the same time supplying the train with electricity. The focus of the test drives was on the regulation of the four diesel engines which went smoothly; other areas (push-pull operation and parallel bus bar supply) are being optimized during further test drives.

Sudostbayernbahn has purchased eight Multi Engine locomotives for operation on the main line between Simbach and Munich, starting in mid-2014. The new powerful locomotives, which can run at a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour, comply with the EU’s 2012 exhaust emission standards Stage IIIB. Moreover, they operate with lower noise emissions than the previous diesel locomotives – this is, particularly for densely populated areas like Munich, an important feature.


This week we received some interesting pictures of Veolia 77501 - 77503, which were caught on camera in the Tilburg [NL] workshops on 17.11.2009 by Rob Quaedvlieg. At the Tilburg workshops various Class 66 locomotives were adjusted to meet customer requirements. The same goes for this three units, which received safety systems for France, Belgium and Germany.

Although the locos were delivered by EMD in Veolia corporate colors, they've never entered service with Veolia in France. In 2011 the locomotives were sold to Akiem, which now leases them to VFLI.

During the upcoming weekend, two Multi Engine Traxx locomotives will be tested with double deck coaches in various compositions, under the direction of the Südostbayernbahn. Units 245 002 and 003 have therefore arrived in Munich. According to this post on DSO, the two machines will make trial runs with compositions ranging from five to nine (empty) coaches. The compatibility of the locomotives with rolling stock in push pull service, in sandwich and double traction will be evaluated.

According to WNXX we can expect two more Class 66 locomotives from the European Mainland to enter service with GB Railfreight (GBRf) in the UK. The locos in question will not arrive there from Germany before the summer. Their expected new service numbers are 66750 and 66751, but which locos are involved still remains unknown.

It's not the first time GBRf acquires Class 66 locomotives from mainland Europe. Three units that were foreseen for Crossrail Benelux (but didn't see service) are currently with GBRf, numbered 66747, 66748 and 66749. Modifications for the UK railway system are now in progress. A fresh paint job for at least one of the three locos is expected for next month.

Over the last couple of days we have received a lot of great pictures, but we noticed that some pictures were already uploaded to the system. Please note that pictures you have already uploaded at Railcolor.net are also available to our system, so you don't have to upload them again. If you don't find your picture in the portrait of the vehicle in question, then it's most likely waiting in que to be put online.

Two pictures from Kassel: two Multi Engine diesels and MRCE locomotive 185 408-2 with a false VKM-number. The number is German, starting with 91 80, but the keeper marker is Austrian, A-TXLA.


17.04.2013 - [Site news] Thanks!

Thank you all for your nice wishes and great pictures (65 in 2 days!). We've selected a few of them for you. By the way, did you know that you can already upload pictures of Class 66, Powerhaul, Prima DE and Vossloh EURO locos? You can look them up in the search tool and upload your picture at the vehicle in question.

We're online for about two days now and already an interesting picture has caused a lot of doubt for the MainlineDiesels.net and Railcolor.net webmasters. Take a look at this and be surprised: Renfe 334.001, originally a Euro3000 diesel locomotive, now has a pantograph! The loco seems to be the start of Vossloh's hybrid adventure. Do you remember the hybrid scale models that illustrated this plans?

The big question for us is: is it more electric than diesel, or perhaps more diesel than electric? And on which website does it belong? Railcolor.net, MainlineDiesels.net, or both?

With the delivery of Europorte 4016 an end has come to the delivery of 12 additional Euro 4000 locos for Europorte. A total of 16 units is now in service with Europorte. Thanks for the first pictures of this machine, Sylvain Assez!

A moment we, and of course many of you, have been waiting for: MainlineDiesels.net is online!

For a while now one could already find us on Facebook. For those who already follow us there: thanks for your patience, information and images.

Now we would also like to welcome you all to this brand new website about modern mainline diesel locomotives. Our focus lies on the European continent, but occasionally you might find locomotives from other places around the world here as well.

The kick-off of this website takes place with the Siemens EuroRunner only, but don't worry as we'll be adding more manufacturers and locomotive types in the near future. As a result of this, various diesel locomotive types will disappear from our partner website Railcolor.net, which will focus more and more on electrics. By the way, the homepage will receive some extra elements in the future as well, so keep an eye out for updates.

We hope you'll enjoy the website!

PS: if you encounter a bug or have additions to information on the website, feel free to let us know. That way we can keep improving the website.

The Bombardier Traxx DE Multi Engine locomotives currently are being tested throughout Germany: the locomotives received the last official declarations of no-objection on German public rail networks on 25.03.2013. That same day, one locomotive was transferred towards the Black Forest, where the adhesion control system was tested, also at very difficult conditions.

Prior to this test, the locomotive was already being put through its paces on the test ring in Velim [CZ], for optimization tests, also with its top speed of 160km/h for the first time. The interaction of the four diesel engines, amongst other things, was tested – with good results.

On 26-27.03.2013 two Traxx DE ME locomotives were in operation in double traction on their way between Kassel and Hannover respectively Kassel and Kreiensen. In these test runs the distribution of tractive effort between the locomotives was checked as well as the control of the diesel engines on both locomotives. Also, the share of brake forces of each locomotive was checked at different braking conditions. During these test runs the data communication between the locomotives was monitored.


Four Traxx diesel locomotives in a row in Hausach.


In the past week, a Vossloh G18 locomotive is performing trials around Kiel with three freight wagons and NRS 223 143 as 'Bremslok'. - BH/TS

Eight diesel engines running in Kassel today.


Not only Last Mile and Multi Engine locomotives visit Kassel. This week also 185 581-6 payed a visit to the assembly factory.


The VUZ test center in Velim [CZ] is always a gather place of new rolling stock products from all over Europe. This results in unique, never to return, combinations of trains and locomotives. A good example from today: a test train with Vossloh's Euro3200 no.1301 + Siemens Vectron MS 193 902 + EuroLight 284 001.


19.03.2013 - [HU] 007

Bond, James Bond, is the nickname of the recently delivered Metrans 761 007 EuroRunner. This week the locomotive arrived in Hungary for the first time. - MF

[update] The 007's visit was there primarily to undergo commissioning run for approval in Hungary - each loco must undergo this individually. Unit 006 and 007 are destined for operations between CZ/D/A, recently above all Prag-Salzburg trains. - PK

The Bombardier TRAXX Diesel Multi Engine is making further progress: The first part of its test runs for optimizing the management of its diesel engine has been completed at the test circle in Velim, CZ, with a good interim result. On this 13 kilometer long test circle in the East of Prague, rail vehicles can be tested with speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour. The purpose of the test runs was to further enhance the interaction of the four diesel engines during traction operation. Additional tests, including special parameters like simulated poor track conditions, will be conducted during the dynamic commissioning, which is presently taking place


On 17.02.2013, the Siemens Vectron diesel test bed locomotive (247 901) arrived at Siemens' testcenter in Wegberg-Wildenrath. The image shows the locomotive on the big oval test track last week.


A further success for the BOMBARDIER TRAXX Diesel Multi-Engine locomotive: First braking tests at the test circle in Velim [CZ] yielded positive results. The locomotive has been operating on the test circle since the beginning of this week and will remain there for the several more. Following brake testing, motor control testing will take place. Here the interaction of the four diesel engines in traction mode will be optimized. Next, the adhesion control, slip control and slide control will then be in focus.


Many special images are coming in this weekend. Thank you all! Here is a Europorte DE/E line-up. - DD

With all of its four diesel engines running, the Bpmbardier Traxx DE Multi Engine was recently under way on the manufacturer’s Kassel site. At the moment the locomotive is being put through the last functional tests and measurements on the load testing rig. The tests have been so successful that the first locomotive was conveyed to the test circle in Velim [CZ] this week. Plans are to test it there for its capability to running long distances, starting end of February.

Prior to the current testing, the propulsion concept with several diesel engines was put through its paces at the Bombardier Power Lab in Zurich, Switzerland. The drive concept was developed together with German universities – and has now been successfully passed testing.


Newest locomotive in the fleet of Beacon Rail and French operator VFLI: Euro4000 unit. no.4019. Official delivery date: 13.02.2013. - NV/Beacon Rail

Three impressions from 28.01.2013, made in the Ausbesserungswerk in Neustrelitz, property of Netinera. Many nice oldtimers are maintained there, or get a complete overhaul. But also modern vehicles get their maintenance here. Three EuroRunners that were around. Metrans 761 007, still to be delivered to the Czech Republic. Metrans will pick this machine up on 05.02.2013.
SG 223 143 was also around for inspection, OHE 270082 is being recovered from collision damage. - SC/KAR

The third Euro 4000 locomotive for Beacon Rail > VFLI is on its way to France. Delivery to its new owners is scheduled for next week. Currently, the transport is hold back by the river Ebro, flooding because of melting snow. - Beacon Rail/SMP

Portrait of the brand new VFLI E4018, Euro 4000 locomotive, just delivered by Vossloh in Spain. - TL

Nice portrait of Metrans 761 005, for the first time in Hungary today. - MF