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2017-08-31 - [FR] Akiem 75025 sports Lineas logos now

Home News Archive 2017-08-31 - [FR] Akiem 75025 sports Lineas logos now

Akiem > LINEAS France 75025 still in OSR France pink, but with LINEAS logos, at Tergnier on 28 August 2017. Picture by Antoine Morval.

Unlike Prima locos 75036 and 75110, which carry the full LINEAS company colour scheme, 75025 has not been given such an extensive restyling. The loco still sports the pink details reminding of the now defunct OSR France brand, but has seen the OSR France logos replaced by LINEAS logos. Electric Prima 27156 was given the same treatment and now also features LINEAS logos. It is expected more locos will follow soon.

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