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2017-09-25 - [DE/CZ] PowerHaul 29009 returns from VUZ Velim

Home News Archive 2017-09-25 - [DE/CZ] PowerHaul 29009 returns from VUZ Velim

The future HHPI 29009 in Dresden on 24 September 2017. Picture by Filip Dittrich.

As the picture above shows, PowerHaul locomotive 29009 has made its way back from the VUZ Velim test center in the Czech Republic to Germany. In early-July, the loco was seen leaving Germany in a convoy with Bombardier-built stock. Testing still continues, as HHPI has nine PowerHaul locomotives on order in total, numbered 29008-29016.

The future HHPI 29009 passing Rathen on its way to the Velim test center on 9 July 2017. Picture by Sebastian Winter.

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