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2009-03-13 - [DE-TR] The Bosphorus Europe Express!

Home News Archive 2009-03-13 - [DE-TR] The Bosphorus Europe Express!
In May 2005 we already had the Europe-Asia-Express, now again a demonstration run will be held from Europe to Turkey, again with a Siemens EuroSprinter and EuroRunner. This time MRCE Dispolok's publishes the news that they will organize a test run with two of their units, starting of in Llubljana in Slovena on 16.03.2009, ending in Istanbul (TR) only 37 hours later. Now freight trains take 23 hours more to complete the 1577 km long route, road transport takes about 10-20 hours more.

The Bosphorus-Europe Express will cross Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria along its way. Because the route in the latter two countries goes via non-electrified track sections, MRCE Dispolok EuroRunner ER 20-013 will join the ES 64 F4-032. - MRCE Dispolok

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